Public project «stork on the roof» will appreciate the work of women’s consultation

© Fotolia / edwardoliveВрачи. Archival photoPublic project «stork on the roof» will appreciate the work of women’s consultation© Fotolia / edwardolive

Demographic information the Internet-resource «stork on the roof» has launched on its website the project «the Rating of women’s clinics and doctors», which aims to gather feedback on public health facilities and doctors involved in the management of pregnancy, from all regions of the country, organizers said.

Data on the annual ranking of best and worst women’s clinics and doctors, the authors of the project intend to provide, especially in the government of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of health and other Federal and regional authorities.

«Waiting for a baby is one of the most exciting moments in any woman’s life, only sometimes it is marred by rudeness on the part of health workers, some women’s clinics and maternity hospitals. Expectant mothers again and again go to rehab not only for help but also for another dose of negativity. So why not to unite and not to resist the rudeness and irresponsibility?» — says one of the leaders of the project Vasily khudoleev.

According to him, has already collected nearly 1.5 thousand reviews from almost all regions of Russia, all of them are in open access on the portal «stork on the roof». As for the negative reviews, most of them are complaints about rude staff, long waiting times, inability to make an appointment with the specialist on the phone.

Khudoleev said that the organizers intended to make a claim to the Ministry of health, and only want to «establish public control over the work of women’s consultations and maternity hospitals, together with officials and doctors to make the life of a woman expecting a baby as comfortable as possible».