Rescued in Primorye, rare black vulture released in the «Cedar honeydew»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the land of the leopard saved endangered black vulture. 25 may 2017Rescued in Primorye, rare black vulture released in the «Cedar honeydew»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich

Rescued in the national Park «Land of leopard» in Primorye, the endangered black vulture released into the wild after successful rehabilitation, according to the national Park.

The bird was discovered in may near the village of Bamburovo, within the boundaries of the national Park. The vulture could not fly, to land a bird chained the damaged wing, which was missing feathers that may have been the result of a collision with other animal scavengers. Vulture was placed in the Center of rehabilitation and reintroduction of tigers and other rare animals (proo «Center «Tiger»). The bird had vetpomosch and placed in the cage. Vulture called Bambur.

«Today, after several months of rehabilitation, was found emaciated vulture had recovered from his wounds and grew stronger. After a complete examination and all necessary tests, the specialists were convinced that Bambur is in excellent condition, is very active and is again ready to conquer the heavenly spaces. The long-awaited freedom predator found in the nature reserve «Kedrovaya pad» (part of the fgbi «Land of leopard», — stated in the message.

The decision on the place and date of issue took the service on the basis of a request «Land of leopard». On the paw of the fretboard has secured a special ring that will allow you to identify the bird.

According to experts, the issue was successful, the vulture left the transport cage and disappeared into the woods. Here, in the South-West of Primorye, winters a significant part of the group of black vultures.