Russian border guards fined the Estonian workers cleaning the territory

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in photobacteria guards. Archival photoRussian border guards fined the Estonian workers cleaning the territory© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Russian border guards fined the two workers of the enterprise, which is engaged in clearing the border area of bushes and trees, according to the Estonian police and border guard Board (DPP).

The incident occurred on Thursday in the so-called «Shatsikava boot». This section of the Russian area of 115.5 hectares, which is the Estonian road. To stay here is forbidden.

As reported in Department, the workers were traveling by car, guided by a map in the mobile app. The men did not notice the warning sign and decided to stop to determine the next route.

After that, the car was approached by the Russian border guards who were patrolling the area and detained offenders to check. Military took the two men to the frontier, notifying the Estonian side.

On the same day the Russian and Estonian border guards discussed the incident, confirming that a violation of the rules took place. Both Estonians fined two thousand rubles, after which they returned home.

The head of border guard station and Saatse lunskoy Prefecture DPP ARVI suvi said that the workers knew about the requirements for movement in the border area.

«Last year we set in this area, additional warning signs to warn of possible violations that are committed due to carelessness and ignorance, and to raise awareness about the current requirement. We advise people travelling in the area, to be very careful and find out in advance with the help of local border guards or accurate map of the Land Department, where the border», — quotes the words of the Department of suvi.

The Estonian official said that maps mobile apps do not always give an accurate picture of the location of the border that threatens a possible violation of the border regime.