The British pound fell 1.6% against the dollar on the results of the exit poll

© Fotolia / RZФунты sterling. Archival photoThe British pound fell 1.6% against the dollar on the results of the exit poll© Fotolia / RZ

The British national currency decreased by 1.64% to the us dollar immediately after the announcement of exit poll parliamentary election on Thursday night, according to the auction.

According conducted the only exit poll, the Conservative party leader in the elections in the Parliament of great Britain, receiving 314 seats out of 650, but for the vast majority they do not have 12 seats. The labour party is gaining 266 seats, in third place — the Scottish national party with 34 mandates. The liberal democratic party wins 14 seats while the independence Party is the right party receives, according to the forecast, not a single seat in Parliament.

The pound tumbled almost 2% to 1,274 per dollar after a slight decrease during the day, when there was a vote in the UK.

Currency market participants sold the pound on concerns that the ruling conservative party will not be able to take an absolute majority after the elections.

Before election day, economists said RIA Novosti that the market is hoping for a Tory victory, in connection with what the British pound did not change significantly.

However, in the case of implementation of a negative prediction in which the conservatives will lose the majority, the British currency may again to refresh the lows, as it was almost a year ago after a referendum on Brexit.