The former head of the British Treasury: Mei will not last long as Prime Minister

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Setrowtag Osborne. Archival photoThe former head of the British Treasury: Mei will not last long as Prime Minister© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tsinker

The former head of Finance of great Britain George Osborne believes that if the results of the parliamentary elections will be really disappointing for the conservatives, according to preliminary results, Prime Minister Theresa may for a long time at his post did not last long.

The TV channel ITV Osborne said that Mei «can’t survive» in his post, if projections are correct. According to him, he can’t imagine how conservatives will be able to form a coalition government and with whom.

However, the newspaper previously reported on sources that may resigns is not going to.

Conservatives, according to preliminary results of the vote, became the first party in number of votes, but, in fact, failed in the elections, not to reach to the required majority of ten seats in Parliament.

Elections were held at the initiative of the Mae in order to unite the political London ahead of talks on Brexit, but now it turns out that the country is even more divided than before the vote – no party, according to preliminary results, failed to gain majority. This means that you must either form a coalition or a minority government or holding new elections.

The coalition government over the last 100 years in Britain was formed twice. Last time it was done in 2010 when the conservatives, as well as now became the largest parliamentary faction, but majority do not get and needed half of the seats (326) takes. Then was formed the «formal» coalition of conservatives and liberal Democrats. Before that, the last time the conservatives were blocked from the other party in 1901.

The government of the minority is traditionally considered unstable.

Currently, it is estimated results in 648 out of 650 constituencies. The conservatives have received 317 mandates, labour — 261, liberal Democrats 12, Scottish national party — 35, other parties — 23. None of the parties is not gaining the 326 votes needed for self-formation of the Cabinet of Ministers.