The opening of the EXPO-2017 in Astana: «ballet» drones and melodies Antarctica

© Fotolia / gpsid Astana. Archival photoThe opening of the EXPO-2017 in Astana: «ballet» drones and melodies Antarctica© Fotolia / rm

The opening ceremony of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 «future Energy» will be held on Friday in the capital of Kazakhstan. The organizers promise to show the «ballet» drones and laser show on the main subject of the exhibition in the pavilion «Noor-Alem» is the world’s largest building spherical shape.

EXPO-2017 will take place from 10 June to 10 September. The exhibition will present technologies of «green energy» from a racing car and a solar-powered aircraft to such a «unique source of energy», like wine. Russia will focus on the Arctic theme and its pavilion will be possible to see nuclear-powered icebreaker of the future and a real iceberg.

The exhibition will take part more than 100 countries, planned about 3 thousand business events. It is expected that the exhibition will be visited by over 2 million people, about 15% will be foreigners, first and foremost — citizens of the CIS countries and China.

The authorities of Kazakhstan expect that the opening will be attended 17 heads of state and government, including member countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization, which includes, in particular, Russia and China. The summit is held in Astana on 8-9 June. Also on exhibition will welcome energy Ministers of several countries, including Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak.

The world EXPO is the largest international exhibition of the latest scientific and technical achievements, which has been held since 1851 and each time devoted to a single topic. The previous exhibition was held in 2012 in South Korea, she was devoted to the theme «the Living ocean and coast».


The opening ceremony will be held at several venues of the exhibition: multimedia show at the Congress centre, a concert Amphitheater, light and laser show on the «Noor-Alem». The event will end with fireworks over the whole territory of EXPO-2017.

The opening will be attended by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Secretary General of the International exhibitions Bureau Vicente Loscertales.

«The scenario of the show is built on the history of energy as the primordial power, from the early Universe to modern ideas about the future of its implementation», — said General Director of company Star Project and General producer of the opening ceremony Borislav Volodin.

The production used innovative stage technology, as a large-scale kinetic scenery, transparent led screens, projection system with tracking and remotely controlled drones. In large-scale multimedia show will take part more than 300 actors, props, and robotics will be fully synchronized with their actions.

One of the Central elements of the performance will be «ballet» drones. The show will be accompanied by soundtracks written specially for the opening ceremony.

In the Amphitheater with melodies from all continents, the organizers promise to create the feeling of world travel. The music program includes traditional Kazakh kuis, rhythms of Africa, South America, Australia, Oceania. You can even hear «cold but beautiful» melodies of a distant Antarctic.

On the main subject of the exhibition — pavilion «Noor-Alem» will unfold the projection, lighting and laser show. Will end the opening ceremony with fireworks.

Preparation for the exhibition

Astana won the right to host EXPO-2017 in 2012. The total area of the exhibition complex «Astana EXPO-2017» is 174 hectares, has a total of 36 objects.

The area of international pavilions has 14 buildings, each of which host from four to five countries.

Infrastructure exhibition will support the technology «smart city», which will allow to reduce the consumption of electricity.

The main building of the EXPO national pavilion of Kazakhstan — was built in the form of a sphere, using the most advanced technologies. In particular, used durable high-tech glass with a double layer, providing thermal and acoustic insulation. This pavilion has become a model project based on the use of «green technologies».

Inside the sphere, in addition to the Museum of high technology, is a Museum telling about the history of the country and the people of Kazakhstan.

Racing an electric car, graphene and wine

In the EXPO-2017 will be attended by more than 100 countries and 17 international organizations, including seven UN organizations.

UK will speak at the exhibition about the origins of the emergence of energy. In the center of the pavilion will be installed a unique model of the Universe with a viewing angle of 360 degrees, created using advanced computer technologies. The country will also demonstrate a graphene – «the material of the future» may have the potential to radically change the way production and consumption of energy.

Germany will exhibit an electric racing car «Formula E».

«Vehicles that run on electricity, using energy from renewable sources — key to create a new transport, does not affect the climate. In our pavilions will feature a limousine, racing car «Formula E», a two-wheeled transport with electric», — said creative Director Andreas Horbelt.

According to him, the German pavilion will provide an opportunity to look into the «city of the future», which will feature «smart home» that produces more energy than they expend, as well as the facade panel with the algae for energy.

EXPO 2017 will also show another «transport of the future» — a Bicycle powered by the sun. It can be seen in the pavilion of Monaco.

Switzerland will introduce the aircraft on the solar panels.

«The sky is limitless. The limit is fuel and our plane flies better on fuel. Our goal is to reach the stratosphere without fuel to fly longer and further than usual aircraft. This is our message to the people of the world», — quotes Agency Sputnik Kazakhstan the words of the pilot of the aircraft Rafael Damiana, who is also an engineer, researcher and Ambassador of clean energy.

The pavilion of Switzerland is stylized as clockwork, but instead of gears, it will bloom flowers.

Singapore also decided to place on the walls of the pavilion, green spaces, in addition it equipped with 250 terrariums.

The Netherlands will exhibit holographic and laser show, which will show the development of alternative energy sources, from windmills to modern wind turbines.

Korea promises to move the visitors of the pavilion into the future through animation and augmented reality technology, and Thailand – to talk about the biofuels from agricultural waste. In the pavilion, the UAE will «work» virtual «leader».

Romania intends to present at the exhibition world’s fastest laser, and «unique energy source wine.» «Romania produces wine for 6 thousand years. We are pleased to present at the EXPO their wines,» — said the Commissioner of the Romanian pavilion Radu Peter.

The Russian pavilion

Russia in its pavilion will focus on the Arctic theme and green energy, said the General Commissioner of the Russian section of the exhibition, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Georgy Kalamanov.

According to him, the Russian pavilion will contain almost all the topics related to energy. Will be based on nuclear power and renewable energy sources: solar, wind and hydropower.

In the pavilion you will see the future nuclear-powered icebreaker, the polar hemisphere, and in the center of the room will be the real iceberg.

Kalamanov stressed that EXPO-2017 will be attended by a large number of regions of the Russian Federation and the Russian company Rosatom, Rossetti, Transneft and NOVATEK.

According to him, the Russian pavilion is one of the largest expositions at the exhibition, about a thousand square meters on the first level and about the same on the second.