Dismissed for insulting trump leading CNN was «disappointed» by the decision

© Flickr / Ayushπ the building of the TV channel CNN. Archival photoDismissed for insulting trump leading CNN was «disappointed» by the decision© Flickr / Ayushπ

The TV presenter Reza Aslan, which CNN got fired for abusive treatment of US President Donald trump said that he was «disappointed by the decision».

«Obviously, I’m very upset by this decision. «Believer» («the Believer» — the name of the show, chaired by Aslan) means a lot to me and to countless audiences (programs),» wrote TV presenter in his microblog Twitter.

He also thanked the TV channel for the opportunity to lead the show and wished CNN «all the best». Aslan said he was ready to cooperate with other platforms, which will allow him to disseminate his ideas.

Earlier it was reported that American CNN fired Reza Aslan, who in his message on Twitter used the slur against trump and called him a «disgrace» for America and all mankind. The representative of CNN said that the TV channel decided not to continue cooperation with Aslan.

The New York Times notes that this is the second time in 9 days, when CNN stopped working because of the review on a political topic. Last week the channel announced that comedian Kathy Griffin will no longer maintain the program «New year», after she was reprimanded for posting pictures on the Internet, where she brandished a fake severed head, which seems to have resembled the President’s (Donald trump).