Expert: artificial intelligence does not exist, but it can be grown

© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polarisavenue intelligence can grow, says expertExpert: artificial intelligence does not exist, but it can be grown© Illustration RIA Novosti . A. Polyanina

Researchers from the Institute for the future of humanity at Oxford University in the UK and the Department of political science at Yale University in USA published the findings from a survey of 350 experts in the field of artificial intelligence worldwide. In this message they say that the artificial interpreters of the texts will surpass human in 2024, intelligent truck get rid of drivers in the 2027th, and the need for writers who spetsializiruyutsya for fiction, will disappear 2049, the year. Surgical operations will be performed only by robots completely replace humans in 2053. But the probability that artificial intelligence is completely in 45 years replace humans, is estimated to be 50%.

To evaluate these findings we suggested the expert on the natural intelligence, the most famous Russian specialist in the study of the brain, the head of the laboratory of neurophysiology and neurointerface biological faculty of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov, Alexander Kaplan.

Similarly, the many you can automate other actions, for example — the game of chess. But in the program it is impossible to lay the way it does. However, the simulation is obtained. Here you see one side sits a man, on the other hand, the computer which operates an algorithm, devoid of creative impulses. First, a computer program memorized a lot of successful parties of the world Championships, and now she watches as the party begins and immediately selects the variants that evolve in a favorable direction for her. People can’t store as many parties in mind — they just don’t fit in his brain.
— It is a question of optimization.

To build people’s brains more than he has at the moment, it was simply impossible, as it consumes 25 % of the energy of the whole body. And imagine if you increase the brain twice, he will only eat half of energy!

It is clear that the body in this mode will not last long. The brain is a very «expensive» organ! And no matter whose brain – a stupid or intelligent man… Nerve cells work, spending a lot of energy!
 — How could a person ever resist a machine that remembers thousands of chess games? Because sometimes players benefit from a computer?— Here is the secret of natural intelligence. The fundamental differences of human intelligence from any other artificial system is that the intellect uses a model of the world, where you need to make decisions. Of course, we can’t put in the brain all that we see around us, but in the brain we have are notions about everything. We think only with concepts. It is clear that our model of the external world is not complete, as it describes only what we have seen — the part where we had experience. And all the decisions taken m accordance with this established model.
— Can artificial intelligence evolve to the point that it will have its own model of the world?
— Theoretically, Yes. But they should grow. Make the experience you own. To model reality.
 Then why not just download the «Wikipedia»?
— «Wikipedia» — it’s disorganized model, it’s just a collection of facts. There is no experience, how does it all stack up together.
 — Is it not possible to describe it?
— Simple models can be. For example, a model of the Titanic with all of its cabins. But it’s this description is not comparable even with the experience of 5-year-old child! He adds not just information content, and emotional connection, the personal experience, the experience of bodily communication… to Describe it all would be impossible! Even the difference between «fool» and «smart» it would be impossible to describe.
Intelligence is a system which contains a model of the environment. An ant has its own model, we have our own. But man – its a special model — it is woven as people gained a new way of styling information to the head – word.
 — How correctly to call the same artificial intelligence that mean the world experts?
— «Automated assistants to make intelligent decisions.» And they are very far from real intelligence, which may someday be grown.