In Azerbaijan due to mass poisoning were hospitalized more than 60 children

© Fotolia / Tom WangКапельница in the hospital. Archival photoIn Azerbaijan due to mass poisoning were hospitalized more than 60 children© Fotolia / Tom Wang

The mass poisoning happened in the Azerbaijani town of Sumgayit, hospitalized more than 60 children, passes on Saturday in Baku, the Agency reports citing a source in the hospital.

«In Baku there was a mass poisoning among children. Since yesterday, more than 60 children living in towns (name) G. Z. Tagiyev and then the President, was placed in Sumgayytsky city children’s hospital №1 with a diagnosis of poisoning», — reports the Agency.

The report notes that the hospital has received mass appeal, mainly because vomiting, fatigue, sharp headaches.

As reported by the source Agency, some of which applied to the children’s hospital, after medical aid was allowed to go home.

«Now in hospital receiving treatment for about 40 children with a diagnosis of poisoning. Poisoned children, mostly aged two to seven years. The exact cause of poisoning is still unknown, but taken from children samples sent to the lab. The reasons for the mass poisoning among the children will be known after the response of the laboratory,» — said the source.

According to the Agency, the hospital was visited by the staff of the Ministry of health and Republican center of hygiene and epidemiology.