In Ministry of communications consider unfounded criticism of the GIS utilities

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Public information system (GIS) utilities work properly, the questions arise only on the work of management companies that can’t place in the system information about charges, said RIA Novosti Deputy head of the Ministry of communications of Russia Mikhail Evraev, responding to criticism of the Chairman of the Board of «inter RAO» Boris Kovalchuk.

On Friday, Kovalchuk criticized the work of the GIS utilities, in particular, the option for consumers to pay for public resources if the charges are reflected in the system. He noted that the company cannot bring in about charges for utility services due to errors in the program.

«We analyzed the error information provided by the «inter RAO». Is their appeal in support of the GIS utilities, starting in February 2016. Of course, in any large-scale IT system, the emergence of technical errors possible… thus, according to the information provided «inter RAO», about half of its member organizations successfully post information, and there are those who still even has not commenced the placement of information in the system,» — said Evraev.

«It can’t be that one can post information and others do not. The system either works or not. On the given data we see that it works, and so the question arises to work of management companies, which can post information,» — said the representative of the Ministry of communications.

Accruals will be recorded

Evraev reminded that the rule on the ability of citizens to pay utility bills, if the corresponding information about charges missing in the GIS utilities shall enter into force on 1 January 2018.

According to him, citizens who do not see the charges at his apartment in the GIS utilities will have to fix it by pressing a special button in your account. The supplier and the organization will automatically receive a notification and quickly placed charges in the system.

The representative of the Ministry of communications noted that conscientious participants of the market, utilities have nothing to fear – «and so they do not hide information about charges or work around the house.»

«If a man does not want to pay for utility services, and now he does not, and can easily say that the bills in the mailbox has not received and does not know anything. Although this does not exempt him from the obligation to pay. In this vein, GIS utilities, it will help to clearly define the information was provided on the charges or not, and to collect such debts from malicious defaulters will be easier,» — said Evraev.


According to the Ministry statistics, currently in the GIS utilities was more than 76.5 thousand information providers, is an information about 13 million of multifamily and residential homes. «This confirms the efficiency of the system,» — said Deputy Minister.

The problem of debts on payment for consumed electric power is a major industry. According to the Center for financial settlement in the energy market of the Russian Federation, at the end of March 2017 debt of consumers in the retail market of electricity amounted to 255,5 billion, an increase of 13.9% since the beginning of the year.

The GIS utilities running in the summer of 2016. From 1 July 2017 providers must be required to provide information about charges for public utilities, and banks — data on committed utility bills. In may Evraev said that the GIS utilities can pay off to 2022-2023 year. However, he noted that the system was not created for budget funds for investment is the «Mail of Russia».