In the OP offer to establish medical control for permission, weapon

© Fotolia / rodimovpavelОружие. Archival photoIn the OP offer to establish medical control for permission, weapon© Fotolia / rodimovpavel

The Chairman of the security Commission of the Public chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov finds it necessary to establish medical monitoring of persons who have received a weapons permit.

Two consecutive tragedies with the use of civilian weapons has occurred in Russia. On Saturday in Kratovo not far from Moscow, a man opened fire on passers-by from a gun. There are four known dead and two wounded. On whether the weapons «Krakowski arrow» was in proper order, not reported. A week earlier, in the Tver region the local electrician was shot of his name on the gun nine people.

After these two tragedies the Flowers put the issue of tightening control over the health of the people receiving the weapons.

«It is necessary to exclude the cases of purchase money certificates on the health status of the person acquiring the weapon. In addition, for people who already have the weapons necessary to control the line of doctors,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, there is no guarantee that even received weapons all the rules people do not get the later disease, which may preclude the possession.

Flowers gave a positive assessment of the actions of the police in the suburbs, who «risked his life to block a criminal, and now his arrest is only a matter of time.» «The fact that he will not leave, obviously,» he said.

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