Missing a year ago in Moscow the boy was returned to the grandmother

© Fotolia / Roman Bodnarchuk Child. Archival photoMissing a year ago in Moscow the boy was returned to the grandmother© Fotolia / Roman Bodnarchuk

Found in Belarus, the Russian boy who disappeared Moscow a year ago, returned to the grandmother, told RIA Novosti in the office of the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child of Anna Kuznetsova.

«Guardianship of Belarusian and Russian at the same table in the presence of Anna (Kuznetsova) and grandmother (boy) checked and endorsed all the necessary documents. Anna congratulated the grandmother brought the child’s hand», — said the Agency in the office of children’s Ombudsman, noting that the transfer of the child took place.

The transfer of the child took place in Smolensk region at the border with Belarus.

«Thanks to the organized actions of the Russian and Belarusian sides have managed not only to find the child, but to return it. The important thing now is to send to the child everything was fine, so he went into the garden to have a number of specialists who can help and support,» — said Kuznetsov to RIA Novosti.

Earlier on Thursday a press-service SK of the Russian Federation said that the police found in Belarus, disappeared last year from an apartment in Northern Moscow five children.

At the end of February 2017 for the sake of Kuznetsova turned the boy’s grandmother, who said that he feared for him, as it is not seen grandson since March last year due to the rupture of relations with his daughter, the mother of the child. According to the apparatus Kuznetsova, the mother of the child is the defendant in a criminal case is in the religious sect. She left Russia last year, now the woman is detained in Mexico law enforcement. According to the apparatus Kuznetsova, the mother gave the boy to two men-sectarian, and from March 2016, the child’s whereabouts were unknown.