New KIA Rio how to change the most popular car in Russia

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For several years the KIA Rio is among the three most popular cars in Russia, and this year’s model is firmly entrenched in the first position. In the summer of «Korean» will be replaced by generation, sales should begin in the fall, but almost all the information about him already declassified: detailed specifications and type approval of vehicles (cu Tr) appeared in the database of Rosstandart. RIA Novosti found out, what will be the new version of the bestseller of the Russian market.


The first idea of the appearance of the KIA Rio the new generation appeared in November 2016, when China made its debut sedan KIA K2 Rio is the same, but for Chinese. A model from China was different from «our» only form of bumpers and a radiator lattice structure. Later, the Network began to appear the pictures pre-production cars in the top configuration Premium collected at the St. Petersburg plant Hyundai-KIA in the framework of the commissioning of the production line.

New KIA Rio for Russia — details:

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The new sedan has changed every detail: the upper front grille — a signature style of the brand became apparent, and the lower, on the contrary, greatly increased. The impression that the machine is widely gaped. Lights in the most lavishly equipped versions — like the new Hyundai Solaris: projection-type (read — s lenses) with a static backlight turns. Cheap versions will be regular halogen. Alas, no xenon KIA Rio and never will.

Niche for the fog lights now vertical in the shape of a boomerang, and came back to stylish full-led lamps, visually connected by lines along the trunk. However, such stop lights to be the privilege of only the top-end versions of the model. To reduce the area of the unpainted plastic strip on the rear bumper, so to Park at the curbs need to be careful.

New KIA Rio: well-known characteristics of Russian version

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Published according to the cu Tr, the length of the sedan amounted to 4400 mm, height — 1470 mm, width — 1740 mm. That is, the new KIA Rio has 23 mm longer and 40 mm wider, while height remains the same. The wheels of the machine are placed a little wider (front track and rear — 1516/1524 mm, respectively), and the distance between the axes increased from 2570 to 2600 mm.

What do all these numbers? Razdalis in the shoulders and stretched in wheelbase, the sedan will offer passengers more space, and the trunk might be a bit more roomy. Although now on this indicator inferior to the KIA Rio among the «classmates» only Renault Logan: 500 liters vs 510. Depending on the performance sedan will be offered with 15 — or 16-inch wheels with tire size 185/65 R15 and 195/55 R16 respectively.


Photos of salon of the maximum configuration to conceal, too, failed, and now we know that any differences from the Chinese KIA K2 Rio from there. Except that the labels in our sedans will be available in several languages.

Compared to the current generation, the new has changed everything from the ergonomics to the texture of the materials. The location of the keys on the steering wheel became more collected and comfortable, the selector of an automatic transmission is now a lever, not a stick sticking out of the Central tunnel, dashboard Supervision with three wells was replaced with a new information display in the center and two scales of speedometer and tachometer. A similar plate is installed on Solaris. Buttons for heated seats moved to panel conditioning, climate control is still the single-band, but the display on the center console is now large and touch with the physical keys on the sides.

This applies to engines: KIA Rio receives an updated engine capacity of 1.4 and 1.6 liters. Junior power unit Kappa MPI (factory series G4LC-5) is 100 PS, which confirms the cu Tr, which indicates 73,3 kW. It’s seven horsepower less than now, and, alas, the changes will not affect the dynamics of the machine with a new 6-speed manual transmission, which replaced the 5-speed. Hyundai Solaris has already experienced a similar update, why become longer to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h (now 12.2 seconds vs 11.5 seconds earlier), and its maximum speed fell to five kilometers per hour to 185 km/h. Given that the curb weight of both the Korean sedan will be identical, the KIA Rio will have the same fate. However, the driver can not feel the difference, because the torque of the motor, though, and dropped from 135 to 132 Nm, but is now achieved at a low rpm range, which should make the car more high.

But the car with the same motor and the new 6-speed automatic transmission, which will replace the archaic 4-speed transmission, on the contrary, will win in the dynamics. Look at Solaris and see: the acceleration from zero to hundreds decreased from 13.4 to 12.9 seconds and a top speed increased from 170 to 183 km/h. Expect the same from a KIA Rio.

Not so long ago automotive publication «auto review» conducted a crash test of the new generation of Hyundai Solaris, which car has earned 16 points out of 16 possible four stars out of four for protecting the driver and front passenger. As reported by RIA Novosti chief editor of «auto review» Leonid Golovanov, the results of this test to a large extent applicable to the new KIA Rio. «And technology, and steel, and equipment passive safety, and the coil, belts and airbags they are unified,» — said the expert.


During the presentation of the Hyundai six months ago, the Koreans mentioned that for the sedan later will be available two-liter engine, which he never was. Given that the future is already sold Rio and Solaris share a platform with the Hyundai Creta crossover, this motor may be a 150-HP (to be more precise — 149,6 HP) a unit of the Korean crossover. In Russia it is offered only with a 6-speed «automatic».

© Photo : KIA motors KIA K2 Rusavtosbyt CrossNew KIA Rio how to change the most popular car in Russia© Photo : KIA motors KIA K2 Rusavtosbyt Cross

A curious rumor spread «Autoreview»: in the fourth quarter of 2017, the KIA Rio will have extra five-door modification. And it’s not a hatchback as it is now, and elevated version of Cross. That is exactly what happened in China, where it already sold KIA K2 Cross increased by 15 mm ground clearance and plastic protective pads on the perimeter of the body. In Russia, such a model would be able to compete with the Renault Sandero Stepway and Chery Tiggo 2.