Actor Eugene Stychkin, «Yes, I’m a maniac!»

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Chesnokova in fotoboeken Evgeniy Stychkin on the 28th Open Russian film festival Kinotavr in SochiActor Eugene Stychkin, «Yes, I’m a maniac!»© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Tecnocovering the image Bank

Actor Eugene Stychkin arrived in Sochi to present the film «Gogol. Vij» is one part experimental, and causing the delight of the project «Gogol», which will appear in Russian cinemas at the end of August. A few hours before the opening of the «Kinotavr», where Stychkin can be seen in the movie «the Rock» Ivan Shakhnazarov, he told RIA Novosti that «Gogol» and why all professionals in movie maniacs.

In all projects where I had shot, he was always interested in every detail. He otsmatrivat everything from auditions, interested in the script and editing, he knows about all participants in the process: who, what, how does, and why it is so. And often it is not guided by financial and creative part.

However, I am convinced that from a financial point of view, this approach works best. If death to fight for every detail, to do only what you love with all your heart, and only what you have the talent, then eventually it will bring benefit.

— Experiment to show the show on wide screens, breaking it into a few movies he owns?

— Yes, along with the producers of the TV-3 Valery Fedorovich and Jevgenijs Nikishova. With Valerie we met another «Chernobyl», then was «Treason». I can’t figure out who this person is, who cares about every word, every detail. And then it became clear that the only way to achieve the ideal. In «Gogol» we were lucky — the whole team worked as if it the most important movie in our life. But I guess the only way born of the great love stories.

— So, to succeed, you need to become a maniac. You are also a maniac?

It is also important that the protagonist of almost all of today’s sitcoms are socially useful sociopath. All the most wonderful characters — strange freaks. They are not the same with society, not embedded in it, but are still real heroes. You watch a story and think: am I useful for something.

In «Gogol» has such characters?

Yeah we are there almost all of these, including my hero. He’s a noble, educated, intelligent officer who fell in Dikan’ka and lived most of his life. For twenty years he sits there and understands, someone who is drunk fractured skull, drinking vodka and hunting of the woodcock is, of course, causes irreversible changes. Oh yeah, he has a lot of skeletons in the closet!