Attacked the police at Notre Dame was charged

© REUTERS / Charles PlatiauФранцузский policeman at the scene of the attack on the police near the Cathedral of Notre Dame. 6 June 2017Attacked the police at Notre Dame was charged© REUTERS / Charles Platiau

Man attacked with hammer at police officers at the Cathedral Notre-Dame of the charges, he was remanded in custody until the trial, the newspaper Figaro, citing the Prosecutor of Paris.

According to the newspaper, the man charged with «attempted murder of a representative of state authority» and «participation in a criminal terrorist community». In accordance with the request of the public Prosecutor, the man was remanded in custody until trial.

Earlier it was reported that at a press conference by the Prosecutor of Paris Francois Molins said that during the searches in the apartment of the suspect was discovered «numerous articles espousing jihadism». Molins explained that law enforcement bodies managed to seize leadership of the terrorist organization «Islamic state» (banned in Russia), pictures of the London attacks and «atrocities in Syria,» as well as «documents praising the attacks in Paris and Brussels.»

On Tuesday afternoon, an unknown man armed with a hammer, attacked the police at Notre Dame, they opened fire on him. During the attack, the man shouted out the words of Syria, and later it became known that he called himself a «soldier of the Caliphate». Him with a gunshot wound was taken from the scene by ambulance. One of the officers received minor injuries as a result of a hammer blow.