Brokenshire remains Minister for Northern Ireland in the new government may

© AP Photo / Alastair GrantМинистр the United Kingdom for Northern Ireland James Brokenshire. Archival photoBrokenshire remains Minister for Northern Ireland in the new government may© AP Photo / Alastair Grant

James Brokenshire will retain the post of Minister of the United Kingdom for Northern Ireland, the channel Sky News, citing its own sources in the office of the British Prime Minister.

Currently, Prime Minister Theresa may holds appointments in the new Cabinet of Ministers formed after last Thursday’s parliamentary elections. As expected, the names of the new Ministers will be announced in the next hour.

«Brokenshire, according to our sources, will retain the post in the new government,» — said the TV channel.

On Friday, the office of the government said that the posts in the new government will retain the foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, Chancellor Philip Hammond, the interior Minister amber Rudd, the Minister for Brexit David Davis and Minister of defense Michael Fallon.

Of the British conservative party under the leadership of Mei on the results of the parliamentary elections did not have enough votes to form a majority government. The Prime Minister announced plans of cooperation with the Northern Irish Democratic unionist party.