In India at least 19 people were killed in two major accidents

© Flickr / meg and rahulСкорая help India. Archival photoIn India at least 19 people were killed in two major accidents© Flickr / meg and rahul

At least 19 people were killed Sunday in two major accidents in India, according to the newspaper Hindustan Times.

The first accident occurred in the state of Uttar Pradesh. A car carrying pilgrims from bareli district in Rajasthan, flew into the channel around 04.30 local time (02.00 GMT) near the city of Mathura. Were in the car nine members of one family, including two children and the driver died.

The second incident also occurred early Sunday morning in Maharashtra. Bus travelling from Mumbai to the city of Latur, overturned in the village Dhanore in the County Bid. Nine people were killed, 12 were injured. According to the preliminary version, the driver was speeding when overtaking and lost control over the vehicle.

Due to congestion, poor road conditions and careless driving in India often occur in serious accidents. According to official statistics, every day as a result of road accidents killed 400 people a year are victims of road accidents are almost 150 thousand people. Thus, according to the world health organization, the annual death rate on Indian roads in recent years, more than 200 thousand people.