In Iran arrested six people involved in attacks in Tehran

© REUTERS / Tasnim News Agency/HandoutВооруженные forces of Iran during the attack on the Parliament in Tehran. 7 Jun 2017In Iran arrested six people involved in attacks in Tehran© REUTERS / Tasnim News Agency/Handout

The Iranian authorities announced the arrest of six people involved in the attacks of Tehran, which killed 17 people, reports Reuters.

«Six people, which of course were associated with the terrorist attacks in Tehran, which occurred Wednesday, was identified and arrested», — quotes Agency the statement of the head of the Ministry of justice of the country of Aliakbar Gerousi (Aliakbar Garousi), a quote which cites the Fars news Agency.

As reported previously, the Agency Tasnim, Iranian intelligence said that the security forces of the country killed the leader of a group of militants who planned attacks in Tehran.

The group of four in women’s clothes Wednesday morning and opened fire in the building of the Iranian Parliament, later one of the attackers made up. The interior Ministry of Iran confirmed the elimination of one of the terrorists. The attack also targeted the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini: one of the attackers blew up a bomb. At the mausoleum, the security forces arrested two people. As a result of terrorist attacks killed 17 people and injured 43.