Kislyak: life will turn US from the counteraction of Russia to cooperate with it

© AP Photo / Cliff OwenПосол Russia to the USA Sergey Kislyak. Archival photoKislyak: life will turn US from the counteraction of Russia to cooperate with it© AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Life will deploy to the United States from the counteraction of the Russian Federation to cooperate with it, the two countries can work together to do much more than separately, said the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak at the opening of the country conference of Russian compatriots ‘ organizations (XORS) at the Russian centre of culture and science in Washington.

«I’m not a naive optimist, but I believe that life will return Americans to the realization that together with Russia they can do much more in the world than acting against it,» — said the diplomat.

After he explained to journalists that «life goes on, and challenges to international survive.»

«Moreover, they can acquire an additional degree of risk. And I think that for many of the crises we (USA) can do much more together than each of us individually,» — said Kislyak.

He added that Russia and the United States «objectively on many issues, the same interests, and I think this will be the basis when it will come to a reasonable understanding that it is necessary to solve problems together.»

While Russia cannot give a clear forecast of how will be organized the Russian-American agenda, the diplomat said.

«We’ll see. I can’t say that the policy of the Russian administration trump was formed to such a level that they could neatly present to us in the long term. But a dialogue began, talking to Ministers,» he said.

«The search for a better understanding» requires «some time», concluded Kislyak.