Media: in Britain the conservatives and the DUP continue negotiations on the agreement

© AFP 2017 / Justin TallisПремьер Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative party Theresa may, the day after parliamentary elections. 9 Jun 2017Media: in Britain the conservatives and the DUP continue negotiations on the agreement© AFP 2017 / Justin Tallis

Negotiations between the British conservatives and the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland (DUP) on the basic principles of the agreement are still ongoing, according to Sky News.

In DUP the TV channel said that the party has not yet agreed to support the conservatives.

«The negotiations up to the present time were positive. The discussions will continue next week with the aim to work out the details and reach an agreement about the organization of the new Parliament,» — reads the statement of the unionists.

Previously, the office of the British Prime Minister announced that the Democratic unionist party has agreed on a draft agreement to support a conservative government on the basis of the principle of trust and support. As reported by Sky News, unnamed sources at Downing street an error occurred during the publication of this statement. In the office of the Prime Minister sought to clarify the status of negotiations.

«We would welcome any agreed deal because it will provide the stability and confidence needed all over the country at a time when we start Brexit. When the details are agreed, both parties will present their» — leads the TV channel statement Downing street.

The conservatives got in early parliamentary elections of June 8, only 318 seats — 12 less than they had in the previous Parliament, and 8 less than needed for an absolute majority. As a result the elections, which the Prime Minister Theresa may initiated to strengthen the position of the party and your personally turned a «hung Parliament» and the necessity of forming a coalition, and the Prime Minister is now fighting for the preservation of the post.

Currently, Mei is engaged in the formation of the government, in parallel with negotiations on agreement with the DUP, which won the election with ten mandates.