Novak listed disturbing factors of influence on the global energy development

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotomancer of energy of Russia Alexander Novak. Archival photoNovak listed disturbing factors of influence on the global energy development© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak in a speech at the Ministerial conference «sustainable energy development» in Astana listed a number of factors that have a negative influence at the moment on the world energy in General.

«Speaking of sustainable development of energy, of course, it is important not to ignore some troubling trends… you Can tell that they… are partly connected with the development of competition, but not from a purely economic competition, but rather, from a political, often economically unjustified,» said Novak.

According to the head of the Ministry of energy, in this context, it is, above all, about the creation of artificial barriers to infrastructure development and free trade, «often going against the will of consumers and at their expense».

«For example, we see a further concentration of powers on energy issues at the European Commission, the tendency of restrictions by the member countries of the EU a significant fraction of our energy sovereignty, the right of choice of energy supplier. Regret to see a willingness to engage in contractual relationships between commercial companies without well-defined criteria to decide the fate of key infrastructure projects», — said the Minister of energy of the Russian Federation.

He also stressed that such actions have a negative impact on consumers of the largest economies, thus missed a great investment opportunity.

«Non-market constraints and a very dangerous hobby of some countries we may also be attributed to unilateral sanctions, the financial, sector that has recently become widely applied to energy suppliers. The growing influence of geopolitics on energy, of course, negatively affects the provision of sustainable energy,» said Novak.

«Another trend that creates a non-market distortions in the energy balance, it is an obvious non-market preferences and individual energy sources, constraints on the development of the peaceful atom… And finally, I can not say about another danger for the global energy industry is a growing technological imbalance. Adversely affects the competitiveness of countries, the smooth development, makes it impossible to develop its own energy potential without the involvement of traditional leaders,» he said.

According to Novak, the answer to these challenges in the global energy sector should be the cooperation of market participants in the implementation of joint projects, including the creation of new mechanisms for joint monitoring and analysis, funding of research and development work. This can be done on the basis of already existing structures such as the SCO, BRICS, Eurasian economic Union, OPEC, and new.

«An example of such actions is the agreement of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries with OPEC (the oil production decline — ed.)», concluded Novak.