«Of course, cap». Participants of beating of the girl in the woods spoke about the persecution

© Fotolia / Peter AtkinsДевушка closes face with hands«Of course, cap». Participants of beating of the girl in the woods spoke about the persecution© Fotolia / Peter Atkins

The story of the beating of a schoolgirl in the forest on the 66th kilometer of the Moscow ring road has been developed. Active users of social networks began their own investigation: they found out the identity of the suspects participating in the fight, whose names are not officially disclosed. In turn, the Schoolgirls write about the numerous death threats and ask to stop bullying. RIA Novosti has tried to understand this history.

Live for their

Footage of the beating of a schoolgirl by five girls in the forest on the 66th kilometer of the Moscow ring road were made witnesses of violence on June 2, but history has come to an end. Social media users are actively engaged in their investigation: in a special group «Vkontakte», they share the various data that they managed to get the photos, the video analysis of fights, screenshots of correspondences with the alleged participants of the conflict.

In the community a little more than a thousand people, the updates appear every half hour. Mainly focus on the discussion of the personal lives of prospective participants of fight. According to the social networks, the attackers and the victim is only 14 years old, and the instigator of the fight – 16. Occasionally there are news about the condition of the victim – as a result of beatings she received multiple bruises. The girl removed the page «Vkontakte», but has already aired Periscope.

In the interview she talked about the fact that the attack was not the first: may 28, she already had a run-in with the instigator of the conflict. In the forest belt, according to her, the invited friend, and she had no idea that it will be a fight. Three days after the beating was in the hospital – «rested», and is now home and afraid to go outside. In response to advice viewers to contact the program «Let them talk» said that they do not trust journalists and doesn’t want to become the second Diana Shurygina.

The users themselves strongly condemn the aggressors (presumably, these participants of the so called football party whose task is to provoke strikes among fans). Almost every mention of them appear angry comments about the inadmissibility of violence and threats to do the same thing with them.

A petition demanding «put behind bars» adolescent girls was signed by over two thousand people. They also intend to seek the illumination of the conflict on television and Youtube channel popular blogger Nikolai Sobolev, contrary to the statement of the victim.

«I don’t think that will begin to beat»


Three suspects in the beating of the schoolgirl has deleted his page «Vkontakte». The fourth reported death threats and asked his virtual interlocutors «not to cast aspersions on her» because she has the alibi and the victim she doesn’t know.

Internet anonymously, investigators was able to talk to one of the participants of the fight. In the correspondence, which they posted in the group, she said that Natasha (the name of the alleged secindary) caused the victim to «talk», but «reason,» called several of his friends: «after a showdown to go to the Mall to have fun, always do when we go. I agreed, thought, talk and calm down. We had four boys, the names won’t say. We arrived Victoria was one. Natasha came to me and said that she *** (not the right – approx. ed.) that leads the guys, and pushed Victoria. Don’t know what came over me, but when Natasha told us that we were joined, I with children’s anger also started to beat her, however, I then pushed my boyfriend that I was just in a fight. Today came the cops. Of course, I’m screwed. Mother *** (beat – approx. ed.) is hard.»

The girl added that worries about the incident.

«I never thought I will beat her. I’m really not myself. I then cried. Today all led to the Prosecutor’s office. And I think, given time. I’ve got exams. And somehow nasty for yourself. Who have not been there – never will. Hands behind his back and lead into the room. I almost cried. It’s very scary.»

The alleged instigator is the only «death list» online activists who openly commented on his participation in the fight. She did not deny that double-beat contemporary, but argued that the meetings were initiated by the victim herself.

«She wrote that she would be coming alone, and urged me also to be one. A little earlier we were fighting with her one-on-one I won. 15-20 minutes before the meeting she said she wants to meet in the woods. I took the girls to the safety net, if that. The girl, as expected, also one did not come. She was with the same guys. We’ve had a little argument with her, and again began to fight one-on-one, then she started to shout something insulting and took hair. My girls boiling, they came to her.»

Later appeared a version that the victim attacked the mother of the alleged secindary on the Playground. But users were skeptical of this explanation.

According to the official version, the cause of the conflict was jealousy of the attacker – the victim allegedly met her boyfriend. The circumstances of the incident and the identity of the parties to the conflict, the investigators established so far. A criminal case under part 2 of article 117 of the criminal code – «torture by a group of persons committed against minors», the maximum penalty for which involves the deprivation of liberty for up to seven years.

Chairman of the Collegium of lawyers Pavel Astakhov Victoria Danilchenko told RIA Novosti that the initiator of the fights are in real time – in accordance with article 20 of the criminal procedure code, criminal responsibility begins at the age of 16 years. However, in case of refusal in excitation of criminal case the family of the victim may apply to the court in civil proceedings. And although the defendants could face juvenile educational colony, most often, according to the lawyer, for such actions the children will meet their parents, paying significant fines to the victims.

«Republic Shkid»

This case of violence is quite brutal but traditional. For teenagers such situations, unfortunately, was typical in Soviet times, and in the twenties (for example, there are other examples in the book «Republic shkid», which filmed a great movie), and in the nineties. Just now there is increasing evidence, which, of course, very afraid of adults.

Not to say that aggression once formed – it is. Here the question rather is, why children choose a particular method to prove it. The fact that the teenager is very vulnerable: he is under tremendous pressure from adults and peers, he is very tired. All of this is superimposed on what he few places and ways to Express aggression. Moreover, in society, on the contrary, there is a requirement not to Express.

Since there is no normal way aggression is channeled so spontaneously, spontaneously, awful. And then the question is how to offer their children other ways to live aggression, fatigue and a feeling of worthlessness.

The idea of this humiliation is not so much in how to lower someone in the hierarchy, but rather to resist, not to lose the acceptance of the group. Group to single-handedly attack easier – reduced level of responsibility, there is a feeling of unity.

Part in the violence, of course, affects the psyche of not only the victim but also abuser. If the initiator of the fights constantly provoke them, she likely has a propensity for violence. The other children fall outside the company, but usually they later on regret.

Therapy is required of each. For involuntary participants of the fight to create a situation in which they will be able to repent, to realize what you’ve done, and to find some way out of this. Depending on the religious and social groups, there are different ways: from repentance to the payment of compensation to the victim.

In the case of the most affected it depends on what caused the most damage. Typically, such a terrible trauma is not so much the fact that he was beaten and humiliated, how many indifference of relatives or omissions of the teachers or the police. But in all cases we have usually to work with my anxiety attacks, loss of confidence, reduced self-esteem, a reduction in the number of contacts and restoration of quality of life.

About secindary – it is unclear how long she lives in a system where the allowable bloody showdown, but in any case, take time to explain to her that he felt the target of violence because she is already emotionally crippled in this way of life.

Of course, the real injury to the victim. People got into the situation that could not change. Usually we are active and if something bad happens, fight back. In her situation to fight back failed. From the entity controlling her life, she «turned» into an object. Experience yourself as an object, who was abused, seriously cripples the mind. This is a very strong feelings of fear, resentment and humiliation. Subsequently, the injury can manifest itself in severe anxiety: something overflows, and it is very scary to stay. Can begin panic attacks, sudden mood swings, and neuroses.

The continuation of this story rather sad. Violence has begot violence against aggressors – on the Internet. And if the reality of the environment where you are being bullied, you can leave, you know where the threat comes from, on the Internet grass everywhere and continuously, impossible to hide.

Insults come from anonymous who also feel their impunity and power, and can go to great lengths. What the girls had to remove their pages, speaks about a strong fear that they will continue to offend, will find and will revenge, it was a way to escape. Apparently, they believe that they are severely cost.

© Fotolia / Roman Bodnarchuk Homeless child«Of course, cap». Participants of beating of the girl in the woods spoke about the persecution© Fotolia / Roman Bodnarchuk Homeless child

The prosecution leads to the fact that a teenager feels the injustice of punishment, and instead of repenting, he still has huge anger. He may blame the victim for what was in prison, and even to hatch plans for revenge. It in no way does not correct the behavior, as is commonly believed.

Solution would be the reconciliation of the parties in the pretrial order. As a minimum, compensation to the injured, so she can stop feeling like a victim. Conflicts with teenagers it is better to solve in this order with the assistance of mediators.

The question is that law enforcement suggested to the relatives that such a solution to the problem.

Unfortunately, the problem of bullying and violence against children by adults is rarely treated with the respect it deserves. Parents often believe that school should educate and ignore the condition of children, because it is more important to get feedback from teachers what a child learns. Adults looking for visible achievements of the type of good grades and rarely consider that the child feels in the team as he adapts.

«Of course, cap». Participants of beating of the girl in the woods spoke about the persecution© Fotolia / Jan H. Andersen

The schools have their problems. For example, there is a tradition of «not to wash dirty linen in public». From 2007 to 2016, I worked in the Center for psychological-medical-social support of the Moscow Department of education. About bullying, we learned not from teachers, and from parents. When we contacted the school and offered their assistance in working with the band, the Director worried about his reputation and told that everything is in order, and the teenager needs to learn to protect himself. Although it was a serious injury and we were not going to blame the teachers.

Subsequently, adolescents who have experienced persecution and violence, have been extremely marginalized. The impression was that they want to destroy someone came out to catch pedophiles using yourself as bait, someone was engaged in child prostitution. This path of self-destruction – unconscious self-hatred.

This problem exists in all countries. In Scandinavia even spelled out the laws at the state level about working with high school humiliation. A year ago, within the Department of education conducted a refresher course for fifty teachers and psychologists, the theme of which was the modern technology of work with bullying. However, the program turned, and it is unlikely in the near future will restore.

Which may apply to teenagers, who are in a difficult situation

A uniform, nationwide number of child helpline— 8 800 2000 122

All-Russian telephone for women and children victims of domestic violence – 8 800 7000-600

Helpline emergency psychological aid EMERCOM— 8 499 216 50 508

The center of emergency psychological aid, Moscow psychological-pedagogical University– 8 499 795 15 01

Center for survivors of sexual violence «Sisters»– 8 499 901 02 01

Center for the adolescents www.твоятерритория.онлайн