The President of France voted in the first round of parliamentary elections

© REUTERS / Philippe WojazerПрезидент of France Emmanuel macron leaves the polling station after the voting. 11 Jun 2017The President of France voted in the first round of parliamentary elections© REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer

The President of France Emmanuel macron voted on Sunday morning in the first round of elections to the Parliament.

At the house the presidential couple in the commune of Le Touquet in the region Of Haut-de-France again, as during the presidential elections, a crowd of supporters of Macron. The President willingly talked to people, shook hands and posed for pictures.

Makron, accompanied by his wife Brigitte came to the polling station in the city hall of the commune shortly before noon. There they also met the assembled people. The President and his wife went to different booths to vote and then in turn lowered ballots in the ballot box. The first did Brigitte macron.

Shortly before the presidential couple voted for the opponent Rules in the second round of elections for the presidency — the leader of the party «national front» marine Le Pen. She’s running for the National Assembly from the town of Henin-beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), where in the second round of the presidential election received more than 58% of the vote.

The first round of parliamentary elections takes place on Sunday in the French metropolis. A second round of voting in those constituencies where the winner is decided immediately, on June 18.

According to released on Friday the results of the survey Ipsos/Sopra Steria, movement «Forward, Republic of», which led to the government Rules, can enlist the support of 31% of voters. According to the forecasts of the study, the motion of the President of France may obtain from 397 to 427 of 577 seats in Parliament. The main opposition forces in the country — the party «the Republicans» and its allies — can get 22% of votes, which corresponds to the 95-115 seats in the National Assembly. The party «national front» to garner the support of 17% of the electorate, enabling it to receive from 5 to 15 seats in Parliament.