After an accident in the Tomsk region of the carrier seize documents

© Photo : Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Tomsk oblastima the scene of an accident with a bus carrying children in the Tomsk region. 12 June 2017After an accident in the Tomsk region of the carrier seize documents© Photo : UMVD of Russia across the Tomsk region

Investigators in Tomsk region seized documents from the shipping company after the accident with a bus, where one person died and over 20 were injured, reports a press-service SK of the Russian Federation.

Investigating bodies SK the Russian Federation across the Tomsk region checks on the fact of inadequate provision of services by the carrier. «Investigators are interviewing… of road accident victims transported by helicopter sanaviatsii in medical institutions of the city Kolpashevo, seized documents in the office of the shipping company», — stated in the message. By results of check the procedural decision will be made.

Earlier in a press-service UMVD of the Russian Federation in the Tomsk region reported that the bus overturned on 261-m kilometer of the highway Tomsk-Kolpashevo (near the village of Sogot). According to preliminary information, the driver of the bus lost control. Just in the bus there were 27 people. According to preliminary data, 24 people were injured, killed five-month-old child, reported to SUCK the Tomsk region.

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