Four injured in road accident in the Tomsk region are in serious condition

© Photo : Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Tomsk oblastima the scene of an accident with a bus carrying children in the Tomsk region. 12 June 2017Four injured in road accident in the Tomsk region are in serious condition© Photo : UMVD of Russia across the Tomsk region

Four injured in road accident in the Tomsk region is in a serious condition, one patient is in surgery the doctors, told RIA Novosti the regional Department of health.

«Only hospitals in the region 17 victims: 12 — in Kolpashevo, five in Molchanovo. Among those in Kolpashevo, four heavy. Heavy children among who is in the hospital there. One patient already in surgery. Three doctors consult, verify diagnoses, work on them,» — told RIA Novosti head of the Department of health of Tomsk region Alexander Kholopov.

The acting of the Tomsk Governor Sergei Zhvachkin instructed the Deputy Governor for security Affairs Igor Tolstonogov to take under special control the investigation of the accident and helping victims.

«Five minutes to the crash site were sent to all required relevant services, organized the work of the operational headquarters of EMERCOM. Was immediately attracted by the Mi-8 helicopter air ambulance he was taken to the district hospital Kolpashevskiy 12 victims. Five injured ambulance was taken to the Molchanovskiy district hospital», — lead regional power words Tolstonogov.

According to the administration of the region, passengers taken to hospital with bruises and fractures of varying severity, the most difficult operations connected specialists from Tomsk.

Earlier in a press-service UMVD of the Russian Federation in the Tomsk region reported that the bus overturned on 261-m kilometer of the highway Tomsk-Kolpashevo (near the village of Sogot). According to preliminary information, the driver of the bus lost control. Just in the bus there were 27 people. According to preliminary data, 24 people were injured, killed five-month-old child, reported to SUCK the Tomsk region.

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