In the Crimea the fourth time celebrate the Day of Russia: no publication, sincerely

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura in fotoannunci-in on gyrometer in Simferopol during the celebration of Day of Russia. 12 June 2017In the Crimea the fourth time celebrate the Day of Russia: no publication, sincerely© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mangalapura the image Bank

Crimea and Sevastopol, the two youngest region of Russia, the fourth time is celebrated on 12 June, with the entire country, in this day in Crimea, there are almost no semi-official: festival, sincerely, brightly and calmly.

Simferopol: a passport from the hands of Aksyonov and the procession of peoples of the Crimea

In honor of Day of Russia in Simferopol held festivities. By day the town centre was filled by the Crimean people in national costumes of their people. Many brought musical instruments: sounds of the Tatar melodies and drums mixed with Russian folk songs to the accordion. Children of artstudy everyone painted the tricolor on their faces, took selfies, danced and sang.

A colorful procession, symbolizing the friendship between the peoples of the multinational Crimea, went to the Central square of Simferopol, then began the concert. In the procession, according to organizers, was attended by thousands of participants.

Without the official chronicle in the capital of Crimea, was not. 12 hours on 12 June, the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov gave 12 young Crimeans their first passport and copies of the Constitution.

«To be a citizen of our great country is a great honor and a big responsibility, and for us, the Crimean, is a particularly important point. We appreciate the opportunity you gave us the «Crimean spring». If we continue to work towards the same goal – to make our country the most successful, it is no doubt that we are doomed to success,» said the young residents of the Crimea Aksenov.On the eve of day of Russia in the hero city of Sevastopol for the fourth time was the big military ball «a Hero of our time». The ball was held at St. Michael’s battery, and was attended by over 200 couples. This year the ball was dedicated to the Russia Day and the Day of Sevastopol, which is traditionally celebrated on June 14.

On Monday in Sevastopol, Russia Day is celebrated with concerts, exhibitions and folk festivals.

In the morning the city’s leadership laid wreaths at the Eternal flame at the Memorial of heroic defense of Sevastopol 1941 – 1942 in memory of the defenders of the Motherland. Here was held the ceremony of delivery of passports to young citizens of Sevastopol. The document of the citizen of the Russian Federation received 28 residents of Leninsky district, at the age of 14 years, handed the passports to the guys, acting city Governor Dmitry Ovsyannikov, the head of the legislative Assembly Ekaterina Altabaeva.

«Today you get a serious document, indicating that you are the real citizens of the Russian Federation. Sevastopol – is not just an integral part of Russia, but also one of its spiritual centers. Our city is always in need of smart, honest, proactive and responsible people. I’m sure you’ll grow a decent Sevastopol residents and citizens of our country», – addressed to the young Sevastopol Altabaeva.

Early on Monday evening in the Antique theatre of the Museum-reserve «Chersonese», with the only in the Crimea concert master piano playing, a French composer Nicolas Celoro. Later on Nakhimov square will begin gala-concert of the international festival of military orchestras of Regardie «On guard for peace – 2017». Complete the day of Russia in Sevastopol fireworks.

Yalta celebrates the Day of Russian flash-mobs

The main celebrations on the occasion of Day of Russia in Yalta unfolded on the waterfront. Here at noon, started the all-Russian flashmob «dance Russia», was attended by more than 100 children. Photo-area, master-classes on painting dolls and characters of Russian fairy tales, a drawing competition on the asphalt, face painting – all this diversified recreation for children and adults and made the day of Russia a memorable holiday.

Popular among children and adults enjoyed interactive map of Russia – it is a triumph of white, blue, or red flag noted by the city or region where he came from. According to the established flags can be seen that to celebrate the Day of Russia was visited by guests from Ukraine, Belarus, France, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

On the promenade in the evening will begin with a festive concert, with participation of creative collectives of Crimea, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The program will finish the Day of Russia at 22:00 traditional fireworks and a disco.