Israel since the beginning of the year approved a record over 25 years of construction in the settlements

© Fotolia / AZN99Израиль. Archival photoIsrael since the beginning of the year approved a record over 25 years of construction in the settlements© Fotolia / AZN99

The Israeli authorities since the beginning of the year approved the construction of a record over the past quarter century eight thousand «housing units» in Jewish settlements in the West Bank of the Jordan river, said the defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The development of the network of settlements in the occupied West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem, where there are living almost 600 thousand Israelis, is considered to be the main irritant in Israel’s relations with the international community and one of the main obstacles in the quest for peace with the Palestinians. They see in the settlement construction of the tool anchoring Jewish state in the territories conquered half a century ago.

«I requested the exact data right down to each individual home in the various settlements. The figures are as follows: June 6 and 7, we approved the construction of 3 thousand 651 units of housing, of which 671, to the immediate construction,» said Lieberman, who was quoted by the press service of the party «Israel Our home».

«From January 2017 until now approved the construction of 8 345 thousand housing units, of which 3 thousand 66 you can already begin to build. More than ever, since 1992!» he added.

The Minister, whose Department issues permits for settlement construction, called it the maximum possible in the current foreign policy situation.

«Those who say that you could do more, not willing to understand what it would mean not to aggravate the situation, and just totally blow it, thereby jeopardizing the entire settlement project,» he said.

The President of the United States Donald trump had previously asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu «wait a little» with the development of Jewish settlements in the occupied territories, making it clear that it «does not help» implement its plans to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.