New British Cabinet does not share the views of potential partners of the DUP

© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity fotobanka in the UK against the background of the Palace of Westminster in LondonNew British Cabinet does not share the views of potential partners of the DUP© RIA Novosti / Alex Monotonicity the image Bank

The new UK government does not share the views of the Democratic unionist party of Northern Ireland (DUP), which leads talks on cooperation, said the Minister of Brexit David Davis.

Earlier it was reported that the DUP is in favour of the return of the death penalty and «soft» Brexit. In addition, the party opposes abortion and gay marriage, members of the political forces repeatedly insulted members of the LGBT community.

As reports Reuters, Davis confirmed that the current conservative government will not change its position on these issues.

At the same time, referring to the other requirements of the Northern Ireland unionists, in favour of the preservation after Brexit as free border with Ireland is the only land border the UK with the EU, Davis noted that the absence of overly strict control on that line is a universal consensus.

The eighth of June in the UK held a General election. The conservatives got in early parliamentary elections of June 8, only 318 seats — 12 less than they had in the previous Parliament, and eight less than needed for an absolute majority. As a result the elections, which the Prime Minister Theresa may initiated to strengthen the position of the party and your personally turned a «hung Parliament» and the necessity of forming a coalition, and the Prime Minister is now fighting for the preservation of the post.

Despite the setback in the elections, Mei formed a new government and talks about a possible agreement with the DUP, which won the election with ten mandates.