On «Kinotavr» has presented the film debut of Kirill Pletnev «Burn»

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photobacteria 28-th Open Russian film festival Kinotavr. Archival photoOn «Kinotavr» has presented the film debut of Kirill Pletnev «Burn»© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

Debut film of actor Kirill Pletnev «Burn» which will be released on November 16, presented within the competition program of the Open Russian film festival «Kinotavr».

«On November 16 our film goes to rent,» said the film’s producer Ruben Dishdishyan presenting the movie. The producer thanked «Kinotavr» for the attention to the film.

«Kirill Pletnev you probably know as a talented actor, he is talented and as a Director», added, Dishdishyan.

Pletnev introduced the crew, particularly the actors Victoria Isakov, Nino Ninidze, Anna Ukolov and Inga Oboldina.

«I have a double holiday today — a year and a half son and the birthday of our film, the way was long, the year I wrote the script and spent a year looking for money,» — said the Director Pletnev, adding that his painting «is about the vocals.»

«The only thing that I don’t know how to do is sing, in College I was always told: you better dance,» said the Director.

In the film, the main character Alevtina (Inga obadina) serves as a supervisor in the women’s prison, she has a lovely voice, but my singing career she abandoned in childhood. One inmate posted a recording of her singing to the Internet, and it immediately became a sensation. Alevtina summoned to Moscow on the main song contest.

The festival «Kinotavr» passes in Sochi from 7 to 14 June.