Stripper and pornographic actress failed to achieve electoral success in France

© REUTERS / Eric GaillardЖенщина at a polling station during the first phase of parliamentary elections in France. 11 Jun 2017Stripper and pornographic actress failed to achieve electoral success in France© REUTERS / Eric Gaillard

The winner of the field prize — the equivalent of the Nobel prize for achievements in mathematics Cedric Villani has confidently advanced to the second round of parliamentary elections in France, former adult film star Esther Koeman as a former strip tease dancer Isabel lang was a complete failure, according to data of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France.

Standing from the motion of the President of Emmanuel Macron «Forward, Republic of» Villani gave their votes to 47.46% of the voters — he nearly won in the first round. A week later, the parliamentary mandate, he will have to compete with the representative of the largest opposition party «the Republicans» ENT Darkos, which in the first round scored 16,82% of the vote.

Koeman in his constituency in the Department of Essonnes was only the tenth, having received 500 of 31 thousand votes (of 1.61%). In turn, lang in one of the districts of Paris and only got 195 45 thousand votes (0.43 per cent).

Villani, who is running in the Department of Essonnes, from 2009 head of the Institute Henri Poincare University Pierre and Marie Curie. A year later after appointment to the high office he won a fields medal for the proof of nonlinear Landau damping and the desire to equilibrium in the Boltzmann equation. The mathematician represents the motion of «Forward, Republic of», leading to the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, and intends to continue to work in the specified batch key.

His promises include the development of «science, research and innovation ecosystems», protection of local fertile land, transport issues and care for local health care institutions.

Cayman, in the 1990-ies it was shot for Playboy and Penthouse, and also played in «hot movies», in particular, with the participation of popular Italian porn star Rocco siffredi. She represents the party «Independent ecological Alliance» (Alliance écologiste indépendante, AEI).

Isabelle Lange known as dancer Striptease under the pseudonym Cindy Lee, in 2002, organized a «Party of pleasure». She is a candidate in an electoral district of Paris is not the first time: in 2007 she was able to get the support of 430 voters (1,06% of the vote), and five years later, less than half (224 votes, or 0.51%).

In the program lang included steps to improve the environment, promote «more humane», tolerant and equitable society, caring vulnerable segments of the population, as well as measures to improve security.