The movement of the Makron wins in the first round of elections in France

© AFP 2017 / Fred Tapeatom of votes in the election in FranceThe movement of the Makron wins in the first round of elections in France© AFP 2017 / Fred Tanneau

The centrist movement «Forward, Republic of» President of France Emmanuel Makron defeated in the first round of elections to the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), which took place this Sunday, according to the Ministry of internal Affairs.

According after counting 99.5% of the ballots (22.5 million) in the country for the candidates «Ahead of the Republic» was 28.2% of voters. This is followed proviantskaya party «the Republicans» — 15,8%, the right «national front» marine Le Pen and 13.2%, left the «Rebellious France,» Jean-Luc Mélenchon — 11.0% and the former ruling center-left «socialist party» — 7,4%.

The results give an idea of the bigger picture, however, elections to the national Assembly are held by the majority system, candidates are elected in single-member districts. To win in the first round in each of the candidates need to score more than 50% of the vote. Where this does not happen, a week later, the second round of voting, which will be a simple majority. It is expected that after the elections the movement of the Makron can get about 70% of the seats.