Yuri Grymov wants to make a film about terrorists

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Beatwriter Director Yuri Grymov. Archival photoYuri Grymov wants to make a film about terrorists© RIA Novosti / Eugene biyatov

Director Yury Grymov is planning to make a movie about Russian terrorists «working noon», he told this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

«I have submitted a request to the Ministry of culture for a film about modern terrorists «working noon». This is not a person of Caucasian nationality – they are from the nearest Moscow region», — said Grymov.

The Director noted that he wanted to speak on this theme because «we’re in this world.» «I have a daughter living in Paris. When there was an explosion, she called me last night, ran to her boy from her class of this cafe… the World lives in this coordinate system and will live a long time… It’s a world of missed opportunities. Political correctness and tolerance, I believe, have brought the world to this state,» — said Grymov.

The Director stressed that he «fully agree» with the allegations against US that the world was in such a situation.

«When all blame America, I associate myself fully. In the 90-ies in Russia you didn’t have to log in with the bandits in any relationship. Can’t drink with people you don’t know is one hundred percent. Americans began tentatively, «to drink» with the bandits – and it’s untwisted, and in the next 10 years I don’t see a way out. But Russia now has a chance to become a power that will begin to align,» said Grymov.

According to the Director, if the movie does not give money, next year he will stage a performance «In working noon» in the theater «modern», where he is artistic Director.

Grymov’s new film «Three sisters» presented in competition of the Open Russian film festival «Kinotavr», held in Sochi from 7 to 14 June.

The full text of the interview is available on the website ria.ru 13 June at 11.00