At the train station in Munich shooting occurred

© AFP 2017 / dpa / Andreas Gebert police near the train station in Munich. Archival photoAt the train station in Munich shooting occurred© AFP 2017 / dpa / Andreas Gebert

At the train station in Munich shooting occurred, the TV channel N24.

According to media reports, the man shot at a female officer when checking the documents on the train. She is seriously wounded, injured several people.

Munich police confirmed that a shooting in a train wounded three people, including a policewoman. The attacker was detained, he also injured.

The shooting occurred at the station «Untapering» (Unterföhring). City rail suspended at the railway station cordoned off.

«According to the police, we are not talking about the terrorist act,» reported the broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Consulate General of Russia in Munich is connected with the city police and verify information about the shooting at Central station, told RIA Novosti in the Embassy.

#Unterfoehring Bahnhof weiträumig gesperrt. Polizei Schwer bewaffnete. Zuvor Hubschrauber im Einsatz.

— Sebastian Dorn (@Seb_Dorn) 13 Jun 2017

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