At Voronezh the bus slid into a ditch, injuring two children

© Photo : GU the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Voronezh oblationibus Mercedes-Benz drove into a ditch on a 717 km highway M4 don. 13 Jun 2017At Voronezh the bus slid into a ditch, injuring two children© Photo : GU MVD of Russia in Voronezh region

Three people, including two children from the Kostroma region and Krasnoyarsk Krai, injured in a traffic accident with a bus near Voronezh on Tuesday, said Ministry of internal Affairs of the Voronezh region.

The accident happened at 8.20 on Tuesday in Verkhnemamonsky district, 717-m kilometer of the highway M4 «don».

«Thirty-five the driver of the bus Mercedes-Benz lost control of the vehicle and allowed Congress in a ditch. The accident injured three people, including two minors… Victims with injuries of moderate severity, taken to Bogucharskiy CRB», — stated in the message of Ministry of internal Affairs. Clarifies that among the injured seven year old boy from the Krasnoyarsk territory and a nine year old girl from Kostroma region.

«Police on this fact carries out an inspection, circumstances of incident are established. The bus was carried out flight on a route «Moscow – Yerevan» in the vehicle there were 39 people,» the police said.

The Governor of the Kostroma region Sergey Sitnikov gave an assignment to find out what help is needed the girl and her family, to do his best for them. «The Governor also instructed to contact the Voronezh region government to provide the necessary support», — informs the administration of the Kostroma region.

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