For the development of a roadside infrastructure «Tavrida» established a working group

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece in photobacteria site of the new highway in Crimea. Archival photoFor the development of a roadside infrastructure «Tavrida» established a working group© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Timepiece the image Bank

Development of road infrastructure along the Federal highway of the future «Tavrida» in the Crimea has been specially created working group, which included representatives of several ministries, departments and municipal authorities. About it RIA Novosti (Crimea), announced the chief architect of the Republic of Crimea Anna Tsareva.

«A working group on the creation of roadside infrastructure along the route of «Tavrida». Together with colleagues from the Ministry of economic development, Ministry of transport, property, municipal administrations, we carry out this work. Along the route there will be a number of multifunctional zones that provide guests of the Crimea a necessary service. Now we form the requirements for the content of these multi-functional zones, the location of their already projected.», – said Tsarev.

According to her, these flexible spaces will be offered to entrepreneurs renting and construction on an auction basis.

«In fact, this investment platform. For investors will be a clear, understandable and simple rules by which it will be implemented», – she assured.

Talking about other key areas of its activity on a post of the main architect of the Crimea and led by Architectural and town-planning Council of the Republic, Tsarev said the project «Formation of a comfortable urban environment».

«The work on creation of comfortable urban environment is today, in 16 municipalities of the Republic of Crimea. Through the program this year will be improved 85 yards and 22 public space. Many colleagues today are preparing to participate in the Program next year, the entire project will last for five years,» said Tsarev.

«The program is designed for several years, the potential is enormous. This is one of the steps to creating the so-called «smart cities». Increasing the responsibility of citizens for their home and yard space, it is possible to reduce the cost of repairs. Thanks to the Program, the attitude of the people to the place where they live is changing for the better,» – says the chief architect of the RK.

Another important activity of architecture and town planning Council is the consideration of schemes of territorial planning, master plans and projects planning and major capital construction projects.

«Architectural and town planning Council created a new team and in a new format. It consists of the representatives of the architectural community, professional architects and urban planners, and representatives of ministries and departments, deputies. We balanced approached to the composition of the Council and now, in my opinion, it is optimal. Large-scale projects the city Council discussed collectively, transparently and openly, what before in the Crimea», – said Tsarev.

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