In Venezuela, dozens of children suffered from tear gas

© 2017 AFP / Luis Robayo demonstrators Clash with Riot police in VenezuelaIn Venezuela, dozens of children suffered from tear gas© 2017 AFP / Luis Robayo

The head of the district of Chacao in the capital of the Venezuelan Ramon Muchacho said Monday about dozens of children affected by spraying tear gas.

«As a result of charges, tear gas, sprayed by the national guard, injured 30 children in the kindergarten of the Ministry of infrastructure,» wrote Muchacho in his microblog on Twitter.

He said that the scene was immediately sent officers of health and civil defense of Chacao, however, the leadership of the Ministry, they were denied the opportunity to help children.

In early may, the guards had already used gas against the inhabitants and staff of a shelter for children and the elderly «My house» in the city of Maracaibo. Then the entrance to the facility was pelted with grenades with tear gas, people were evacuated. An orphanage allegedly tried to hide from the tear gas, the participants of the opposition rally against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

In Venezuela since early April, are mass protests after the Supreme court’s decision to severely limit the power of opposition in the National Assembly. The decision was reversed, but opposition supporters took to the streets demanding the resignation of the members of the court and the holding of early elections and against the constituent Assembly, considering it an attempt to change the Constitution. According to recent reports, the death toll has reached 67 people.