«Inter RAO» has filed two lawsuits to the government of Georgia

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photo«Inter RAO» has filed two lawsuits to the government of Georgia© Fotolia / sebra

Russian «inter RAO» intends in the international court to resolve the dispute with the authorities of Georgia due to the failure to increase tariffs for hydroelectric and electric company «Telasi», reports Reuters with reference to the Deputy energy Minister of Georgia Mariam Valishvili and the Russian company.

«We received notification from the arbitration court and ready to defend their position,» said Valishvili.

«Group «inter RAO» has filed two lawsuits against the government of Georgia for its subsidiary Dutch companies», — reported in a press-service of the company.

«Inter RAO» is not the sum of claims, but a source close to the subsidiaries, told Reuters that the sum of the two claims, as of may 1, is $ 125 million and can grow.

«Inter RAO» in 2011 bought two hydropower plants in Georgia — Khrami-1 and Khrami-2 — with a total capacity of 227 megawatts, 100% of which is owned by her Dutch «daughter». The holding company also owns 75,11% grid Telasi, serving Tbilisi. Dutch Gardabani, the owner of hydroelectric power station and the Silk Road, controlling network, April 14, sent to the Georgian side to the notification of the investment dispute involving violation of Georgia number of contracts, and warned of the intention to sue.

, Valishvili said that the companies require increasing tariffs for electricity, as well as the payment of compensation, the amount of which, according to her, is a few tens of millions of dollars, taking into account the impairment of Georgian lari to the dollar.