Putin has told that is proud of the daughters and discusses with the sons-in-law

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Archival photoPutin has told that is proud of the daughters and discusses with the sons-in-law© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

President Vladimir Putin spoke about family relationships and about his doubts in 1999, when Boris Yeltsin appointed him Prime Minister.

On Monday the United States has begun showing a documentary film by Oliver stone «Interview with Putin» that the Director was prepared over two years. Picture aired cable TV channel Showtime.

On the discussions with in-law

On the question of the stone, if he loves his grandchildren, Putin replied: «Very.» The Director also asked the Russian leader if he fails to play with children.

«Very rarely, unfortunately», — said the President.

Putin also said that he was proud of his daughters, who have their own family life.

The Russian President also admitted that sometimes discusses with his son-in-law, while often the views are different.

«We’re not arguing, we are actually discussing. And they (daughters — ed.) too. But they don’t do politics, no big business. They are engaged in science, education,» Putin said.

About doubt, 1999

Putin and stone also discussed the events of 1999, when then-President Boris Yeltsin appointed him Prime Minister.

«When I Yeltsin proposed the first time, I refused. He invited me into his office, said he wanted to appoint a Prime Minister and would like to then I ran for President. I said that is a very big responsibility, it should change my life, and I’m not sure I’m ready for it», — Putin said.

The President told the stone, but also that it is one thing to be an officer, even of high rank, and quite another to «take responsibility in that situation for Russia.»

«And, frankly, I didn’t know then what the final plans for me for President Yeltsin, and I did not know how much more I can do because at any moment the President could say: «You are free», — said Putin.

According to him, then he could think about, «where to hide the children».

«Imagine that I would be released from his post, — there is no protection, nothing, and what to do, how to live, how to ensure the safety of the family?» — says Putin.

Speaking about his work as Prime Minister, Putin has told that have not seen their children since before I left the house and later came.

The President also said that he did not know why Yeltsin chose him as Prime Minister.

«I don’t know why Yeltsin chose me,» said Putin, adding that the end was not sure that will be the head of state.

«Just for myself, then decided that if fate so ordered, it is necessary then already to go to the end. And I didn’t know a hundred percent that I will be President. No guarantees on this occasion no one was given», — he explained.

On the work of the President’s strengths and Yeltsin

Putin also told the stone that the work of the President resembles the activities of creative professionals.

«I don’t want to compare myself with people of creative professions, but the process of work and decision-making, something reminiscent of such a process,» — said the Russian leader.

The President also shared his impressions about his predecessor Boris Yeltsin.

«He, like each of us had our problems, but it had its own strengths. One of these strengths was the fact that he never shied away from personal responsibility. He was able to this personal responsibility to take. But what you said (problems with alcohol — ed.) — Yes, to be honest, it was also», — said Putin.

Speaking about relations with former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, Putin said that a few years ago, policy was invited into his office.

«He’s a man with his own opinion. In some ways I agree with him, in some ways not. And he also — somewhat agrees with me, something is not» — said Putin.

According to him, Gorbachev’s merit is that he understood the need for change.

«But today I can confidently say that they did not understand what changes are needed and how to achieve them», — added the head of state.

About the collapse of the Soviet Union

Vladimir Putin also repeated his position that the collapse of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of the XX century.

Putin has told that is proud of the daughters and discusses with the sons-in-law© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in fotobanka promised to tell you about the American strategy when I retire»I often heard criticism about the fact that I deplore the collapse of the Soviet Union. First, and most important, is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, 25 million Russian people in one night turned out to be abroad, and it is really one of the biggest disasters of the XX century», — said the President.

Putin also reminded that the citizens of the USSR lived within a single country, they had family ties, a job, an apartment, they were equal, but one second turned out to be abroad.

«But in the country there is first signs, and then full-scale civil war. And, of course, I’ve seen it all perfect, especially when you became the Director of the Federal security service», — said the Russian leader.