Stepashin called on the men refugees to return to Syria to protect it from ISIS

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in foobarcardservice the Syrian army are firing on positions in Idlib province in the North-East of SyriaStepashin called on the men refugees to return to Syria to protect it from ISIS© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Syrian men do not have to become refugees — should be with in arms by free Syria from Islamic state terrorists (a group banned in Russia), said the Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society (IOPS) Sergei Stepashin.

Stepashin met on Tuesday with students and alumni of SS Cyril and Methodius postgraduate and doctoral studies name of saints Cyril and Methodius. Chapter ippo has communicated, including with a graduate student from Syria.

«As a man still in the military, I can not understand one: well, children, the elderly, refugee women, of course. But a healthy strong man and a refugee? His house was bombed, the bandits came to his village… Go to Syria, weapons we’ll give you Russian, good, fight for your home! We also fought for his house in the Great Patriotic war, Leningrad, we didn’t — my mother and grandmother survived the blockade», — said Stepashin.

He expressed the hope that these things are «our Syrian brothers will understand.»

«Russia, Hezbollah Hizbollah, Iran Iran, but Syria from the bandits should release the Syrians, the other can not be», — said the Chairman of the IOPS.

According to him, after one of his recent visits to Syria, he met in Moscow with representatives of the Syrian Parliament and told them about the same, and none of the Syrian deputies, as noted by the Chairman, he «does not object» to it.