The court will consider the claim of the founder of GayRussia to «Novaya Gazeta» on 5 July

© RIA Novosti / Vadim Garniturii in fotobiennial Alekseev. Archival photoThe court will consider the claim of the founder of GayRussia to «Novaya Gazeta» on 5 July© RIA Novosti / Vadim Garniturii the image Bank

Basmanny court of Moscow has postponed for July 5, consideration of the claim of the founder of GayRussia Nikolay Alexeev to «Novaya Gazeta» with a demand to refute the allegations of his Association with the alleged persecution of gays in Chechnya, RIA news from the courtroom.

The reason for the postponement was the decision of the court to bring in as a third party journalist Elena Milashina, who is the author of articles for «Novaya Gazeta» about the persecutions of people with nonconventional orientation in the Chechen Republic.

According to Alekseev, applying to court, the article argues that the wave of violence, the very fact which the authorities of the Chechen Republic categorically denies, provoked filed by LGBT activists of notification on holding of shares. He also insists on the payment of one million rubles, which promised to donate to charitable organizations.

In «Novaya Gazeta» surprised claims Alekseeva and lack of solidarity in the ranks of LGBT activists. A press-the Secretary «the New newspaper» Hope Trusenkova in an interview with RIA Novosti reminded that the issue of gays in Chechnya was initially raised after the application GayRussia to hold a gay parade in the North Caucasus, after which, according to the newspaper, and the persecution began. Trusenkova linked the lawsuit in an attempt to avoid responsibility or speculation on the subject.

In the beginning of April, «Novaya Gazeta» has published an article which said about the mass detention in Chechnya residents based on sexual orientation. Press Secretary of the head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov denied the information of the newspaper and stated that the Republic of men «only one orientation», as evidenced by the high birth rate.

The nineteenth of April during a reception in the Kremlin, Ramzan Kadyrov, has assured President Vladimir Putin that all media reports of abductions and killings in Chechnya are provocative. The people about whom they report, end up alive and well, Kadyrov said. After that, the journalists Kadyrov was accused of provocations themselves accused the head of Chechnya that he lied to the President. Subsequently, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has no reason not to trust the information presented Kadyrov.

Earlier Basmanny court of Moscow has returned «to the New newspaper» the complaint with the request to oblige the RF IC test data from the article about the persecution of gays in Chechnya. The publication was instructed to eliminate the shortcomings: in particular, the newspaper is not presented to the court «information was checked whether the fact of giving instructions of Chairman SK the Russian Federation» about this, said in court.