The victory of Durant: «the Golden state» for the second time in three years became the champion of NBA

© AP Photo / Marcio Jose SanchezИгрок Golden state Warriorqueen Durant. Archival photoThe victory of Durant: «the Golden state» for the second time in three years became the champion of NBA© AP Photo / Marcio Jose Sanchez

Basketball «Golden state Warriors» won the second in the last three years, the NBA title, 4-1 beating «Cleveland Cavaliers» in the final series 71 season, and one of the main stars of the League Kevin Durant, this victory was the first in his career.

«Warriors» became the fifth team in the NBA along with the «Boston», «Los Angeles Lakers», «Chicago» and «San Antonio» with his record of not less than five League titles. For the first time in NBA history three years in a row the final was played the same team.

«The Golden state» has three wins at the start of the series (113:91, 132:113, 118:113), then lost in Cleveland with the score 116:137, but the house put an end to the series – 129:120.

«D» — dominance

The winner of the last season of «Cleveland» even before the championship was not considered the main favorite, which became a sensational transition in «the Golden state» in July of last year of Durant, who had previously played for the «Oklahoma city». Established last regular season record in the NBA (73 wins in 82 games), the team became even stronger.

«I think it was created so I moved to the «Golden state». If they beat Cleveland in the finals, I would not be moved to the «Warriors» — said after signing the contract, Durant became the most hated athlete in Oklahoma.

The warriors took some time to «enter» Durant in the game, as a result, the team achieved «only» 67 wins in the regular season – exactly the same as in the «Golden» season-2014/15. In this «Golden state» for the third time in a row became the winner of the regular championship.

The winner of the Eastern conference in the regular season for the first time since 2010 became «Boston», with no illusions about which team is the best in the East. The result is LeBron James and company met no resistance on the way to the final three rounds after suffering the only defeat from «Boston».

Hidden final and most anticipated series of the season since the fall called a meeting in the semifinal of «the Golden state» and «San Antonio», the second best team in the League at the end of the regular season. However, to the frustration of struggles in the series failed because, in the first match injured striker spurs ‘ Kawai Leonard. The best defensive player in the League the previous two seasons never returned, and the series ended in four games.

«D» — Durant

It seemed, as happens in the finals, which thus would have led to another unique achievement of the «Golden state» — never in the history of the leading North American sports leagues (NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB), no team has been able to go through the playoffs without a single defeat. However, this did not happen, and still 15 wins in a row in the playoffs, won the «Warriors» is the longest win streak in the playoffs in the history of the leading North American sports leagues. «The Golden state» has surpassed the achievement of hockey «Pittsburgh» (series of 14 victories), which was established in the playoffs the NHL in 1992 and 1993.

«Kay Dee (the nickname of Durant) — as LeBron James answered the question that resulted in the «Golden state» such an advantage in the first match of the series. We’re talking about one of the best teams in the history of what they showed last season, and then in the offseason, there is added such a powerful attacking weapon and such a high basketball IQ. Kay Dee is exactly what determines the difference.»

The Durant, who won first career championship ring, was the main protagonist throughout final series, becoming the most productive player of the «Golden state» in each of the five matches, scoring a crucial three-pointer through James in the third game of the series. Average per game in the finals Durant scored 35,2 points, did at 8.2 rebounds and 5.4 assists, rightfully earning the title of MVP of the final series.

In the course of the series, Durant was forced to speak about itself as about the best player in the game today. Time LeBron James, who at the end of the year will be thirty-three, is gradually disappearing. It should be noted that James in the finals did a triple-double per game, he averaged 33.6 points, taking 12 rebounds and 10 assists. After the fourth game of the series, James will pass magic Johnson and came in first place in the history of the NBA by the numbers triple-doubles in the final series (9).

Westbrook, harden or Leonard?

Defender of «Oklahoma» Russell Westbrook in the season 2016/17 beat keeping to the 55 years of record for number of triple-doubles in one «regular season». Westbrook made 42 triple-doubles and surpassed the result of Oscar Robertson (41 – in the season of 1961/62). Westbrook also became the second in NBA history (after George Robertson) player, who managed to make «seasonal triple-double» (31.6 points and 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists – per game regular season).

The first ever awards ceremony of the NBA held on June 26th in new York. Thus, the first winner of the prize to the most valuable player of the regular season will be named after the completion of the season. Nominees for the award are Westbrook, James harden (Houston) and Leonard. The same Leonard, along with Rudy Gobert (Utah) and Dragondom green («the Golden state») claims the prize as the best defensive player of the season.

Best newcomer of the season will be named Dario Saric, Joel Embiid (both «Philadelphia») or Malcolm Brogdon (Milwaukee), the best sixth player – Eric Gordon, Lou Williams (both from Houston) or Andre Iguodala («Golden state»).

Brains — one for all

In season 2016/17 Russia was minimal during the last five years representation: the champion of last year center Timofey Mozgov in the offseason, replaced «Cleveland Cavaliers» «Los Angeles Lakers», remained in «splendid isolation» after Sergey Karasev has replaced «Brooklyn» in St. Petersburg «Zenit» and Alexander Kaun retired.

Brains in July last year signed a four-year agreement with the Lakers for a total amount of $ 64 million (media reports). Pretty surprised overseas basketball public, as scored for entire playoffs last season only 15 points Brain now earns more than the most valuable player the previous two seasons, Stephen Curry from the «Golden state» (12 million in season 2016/17).

The first season Mozgova in the «city of angels» turned out blurry: pretty soon it became clear that chances of an exit in the playoffs the Lakers are not, and the club began to «drain» of the season with the aim of obtaining maximum high right choice in the draft in 2017. With a challenge to lose as many matches, the Lakers Mozgov was transferred to the reserve, and in the end, the Russians missed the last 19 games of the regular season.

«The key to the situation the Brain is not repeated in the following season, but unfortunately, there is no guarantee, the agent said Russian basketball player Maksym Sharifijanov. — Of course, I don’t want to Timothy for the second consecutive year found themselves in a situation when the team is rebuilt, plays young — then do not understand what to do in this team.»

The brain is in season 2016/17 took part in 54 games, average per game, swiping at the site in 20.4 minutes, averaged 7.4 points and making over 4.9 rebounds.

Pierce goes…

In September last year, the forward of «Los Angeles clippers» Paul pierce announced that the season 2016/17, the 19th of his career, will be his last. On 30 April, the last time pierce went to the floor in the NBA match, and «clippers» lost «Utah» in the seventh match of the first round series of the playoffs.

Pierce played in the NBA for 19 years, playing for the «Boston» (15 seasons), «Brooklyn», «Washington» (both of club for season) and clippers (two seasons). Pier 10 times participated in Matches of all stars of NBA champion, was named the MVP of the final series in 2008 and scored a career 26397 points (15th figure in history).

«Pierce has left his mark in the game. This is a player I have always respected. Champion. His stats and what he did on the court – all this speaks for itself. So I would say that the next stop for Pierce is Hall of fame. It was a great career,» said LeBron James.

…but leaves legacy

Owned by Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov club «Brooklyn nets» took the last place in the summary table at the end of the regular season-2016/17, scoring 20 wins in 82 games (the worst for the team result for the last seven seasons).

«Brooklyn» is in restructuring. Our young guys have grown tremendously over this season, so there is a silver lining. Several first years had added just two orders of magnitude, they could just three years later to start playing, and then threw them into acid and they did,» said Prokhorov the Agency «R-Sport».

«Brooklyn» won the lottery and pick first in the draft 2017, but conditions held in 2013 exchange with «Boston» (players «nets» were Kevin Garnett, Paul pierce and Jason Terry), the right of choice went to the Celtics. «Look at what I left behind when leaving the Celtics – the first peak,» commented pierce.

«Boston» became the third club in NBA history after the first peak in the same year, which became the winner of their conference in the regular season (formerly «Portland» in season 1977/78 and «Los Angeles Lakers» in the season 1981/82).

The draft of the National basketball Association will be held June 22 in new York, at the home arena of the «Brooklyn nets».