A petition calling not to block Ukraine «Vkontakte» have collected the required number of votes

© REUTERS / Valentyn Adhereance protest against the ban on Russian social networks in Kiev. 19 may 2017A petition calling not to block Ukraine «Vkontakte» have collected the required number of votes© REUTERS / Valentyn Ogirenko

The petition on the website of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with an appeal not to block the Russian social network «Vkontakte» have collected the required number of votes and, thus, should be considered.

To the President of Ukraine has considered this or that posted on its website a petition, it should support at least 25 thousand people for a period of not more than three months from the date of publication, after which the head of state may submit to the Verkhovna Rada the draft laws aimed at solving the petition questions. The President is obliged to consider every petition not later than 10 days after the notification about the beginning of its consideration.

As of June 14, the petition has gained 25.1 thousand votes.

«This is a huge advertising platform, which helps in the implementation of the domestic product, creativity, content, etc. the Loss of this platform would be very negative for domestic producers of any type of goods, services and events. This decision of the presidential administration carries a number of negative consequences,» reads the petition text.

In may Poroshenko approved the decision of the Council of national security and defence on the extension and expansion of the list of natural and legal persons of the Russian Federation, in respect of which the sanctions. The extended list included 1228 physical and legal entities. 468 In particular, Ukraine has imposed sanctions against a number of Russian media, the country is also prohibited access to social networks «Vkontakte», «Classmates» and resources «Yandex» and Mail.ru. The decree entered into force on 17 may.

The Russian foreign Ministry believe that with the ban of social networks Kiev wants to block alternative sources of information. The UN has spoken out against restrictions of freedom of communication in connection with the sanctions of Ukraine to the Russian Internet resources.