«Black diggers» in Crimea fulfilled orders from foreign collectors, have told in UFSB

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate in photobacteria exhibition property of the Republic. FSB Russia against the black of archaeology«Black diggers» in Crimea fulfilled orders from foreign collectors, have told in UFSB© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate the image Bank

«Black diggers», which massively led to illegal excavations in the Crimea until 2014, often performed the orders of foreign collectors, told journalists the head of regional management of FSB Victor Palagin.

On Wednesday, the Central Museum of Tavrida in Simferopol opened an exhibition «the FSB against the «black archeologists», where you can see the Crimean artifacts of different eras. Two hundred unique exhibits, withdrawn and «black diggers» over the last three years, donated to the Museum by the FSB. The insured value of the collection is two million dollars.

In 2014 in Crimea, according to the head of the FSB, has developed a regulated illegal market trade in artifacts found as a result of illegal excavations. «This illegal business in the Crimea is incredibly developed… Collectors overseas and from neighboring States set goals (black diggers. — Ed.) for excavations in certain areas. Was the destruction of the mounds, these tasks are performed. They raise only what you need, and everything else is destroyed,» said Palagin.

«With 2014 done a great job and this work is now in the spotlight. Over the last three years are under investigation, for which these material evidence are now transferred to a local history Museum… the Most important thing you need to understand these people (is that they steal our past,» he added.

The Director of the Central Museum of Tauris Andrei Malgin in comments to RIA Novosti noted that thanks to the work of the FSB of the illegal market trade in artifacts themselves illegal excavations in the Crimea much «shrunk» and become less ambitious as before.

The Museum’s collection includes more than 100 thousand exhibits, among them a significant collection of archaeological items, numismatic collection, a unique collection of graphics XVIII-XIX centuries with views of Crimea, meaningful photos and documentary Fund. The archaeological Museum’s collection were exhibited at international exhibitions in Italy, France, and Germany. Some of the exhibits included in the collection «Scythian gold», which was exhibited in the Netherlands in 2014 and has still not returned to the Crimea.

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