Experts called the main intrigue of the direct line with Putin

© RIA to Novoshepelychi fotobanka in line with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archival photoExperts called the main intrigue of the direct line with Putin© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

The main intrigue of the fifteenth direct line with Vladimir Putin connected with the upcoming presidential campaign and the statements of the head of state for this reason, according to respondents RIA Novosti experts. Moreover, they note that most of the time will be devoted to answers to traditional questions about the prospects for economic development, and although the answers may not place all points over i, the signals that may sound, it is very important.

Experts do not exclude that, although the President has already commented on opposition activity recently, it again will have to answer this question. By itself, the format of a straight line not out of date, experts add, he established and remains relevant, the only question is the security of its content.

Another special program «Direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin» will be released June 15. The head of state will answer questions of Russians. Earlier in the Kremlin said that in a Network there fake sites direct line with Putin, and urged to focus only on official link, broadcasted on TV channel «Russia» and the First channel.

Intrigue and novelty straight line

General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin directly calls the main intrigue of the question, whether Putin put forward his candidacy for another term.

«Of course, did not remain forgotten question «Mr President, when are you going to nominate his candidacy in the next presidential term?» — this is a mandatory part, in my opinion. But, most likely, the President will laugh off as always», he suggested.

The President of Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov also noted that «now, any great President, especially in the country, is perceived in the context of formation of the agenda of his election campaign». «There are a fork, including in terms of economic, socio-economic policies that are being discussed at the level of competition economic programs,» he added.

With regard to innovations in a straight line, then Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Dmitry Badovsky does not expect them, calling this established format. However, he notes, «every year, some nuances are changing, new channels of communication for questions is somewhat different composition of the audience in the Studio.»

«Naturally, this kind of new light, refreshing format, can be this year. Especially that first straight line passes, with the renewed leadership of the presidential administration and its political unit. However, I repeat: radical innovations can be expected, a straight line is a personal Putin», — said the Agency interlocutor.

As for the question of the duration of the communication Mukhin notes that the last time the President clearly follows the rules and rarely go beyond the scheduled time — typically three hours. «Perhaps he will extend that communication, but practice shows that in recent years, it’s extremely rare,» — said the expert.

Inexhaustible format, and why does he need power?

Question, have exhausted themselves whether the format of a straight line, experts say, is irrelevant. «Look how big our country is, look at the area! And everyone wants to communicate directly with the head of state. And «line» is the only format that gives the opportunity. Well, as it can exhaust itself?» — said Dean of the faculty of political science of Moscow state University Andrey Shutov.

«Direct line with Vladimir Putin is what the Russians used, to direct communication with the head of state. It is, in General, for the first time in history, when the President has such a huge audience. And if you compare what is in the world, with the progress of dialogue with other presidents and heads of States, here you need to keep in mind that it is really hardly anywhere else is the same,» added jester.

According to Remizov, «if you don’t come here too often», then the format of the straight line will become obsolete, this communication once a year is appropriate is «a good tool to apply some signals to show feedback that the government reads the signals of society». «The format, I think it is viable, the question is, what content to fill it,» — said the expert.

Badovsky draws attention to the fact that an essential and a priority value a straight line is its content, «which gives the possibility to prepare the most accurate analysis of the sentiments and demands of the society to the power structures». «Later, the results of this study will influence the strategy of the future election campaign and to form, perhaps, individual projects and events within it,» he said.

Topics on the agenda

Experts called the main intrigue of the direct line with Putin© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in photobacteria want to ask Putin about his favorite school subject, and musicstop believes that the issues will feature the theme of justice, on the one hand, and with another — the subject of economic growth and development of the country in terms of sanctions. «It seems to me that these two topics mostly through all the other specific issues», he added.

Mukhin notes that the key themes will be traditionally social problems will be discussed about the economy and internal political course. Remizov also believes that the prevailing social issues, but again, will not remain without attention and the foreign policy agenda.

«Because modern television formats has created a high interest in international politics, as evidenced by the ratings of political broadcasting. And objectively, changes in the international arena about which, perhaps, the President would have been important to society to speak», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Experts called the main intrigue of the direct line with Putin© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in the Bank»Vkontakte» launched the bot to send the questions in a direct line with Putimagedata added that the speech can go and about the continuation of macroeconomic stabilization policy, «which is fraught with stagnation in the embodiment of Kudrin» and the policy of speeding up economic growth, a more active integrated industrial policy.

«This affair, which is quite important for the coming months. I don’t think finally the i put a straight line in this issue, but the signals on this score now, of course, all important,» he said.

Opposition activity

Mukhin believes that, among other things, Putin will have to answer questions about protest activity and the fight against corruption. But the President, he added, is what to tell on this subject — regularly, once a fortnight or once a week publishes information on the results of the fight against corruption.

Experts called the main intrigue of the direct line with Putin© RIA Novosti / Alexei Druginderal in the Bank»Vkontakte» launched the bot to send the questions in a direct line with Putin»here and there in the regions and at the Federal level arrests occur regularly quite high-ranking corrupt officials. Apparently, this struggle will continue, so I think we have to be ready to reasoned response,» he said.

Remizov also called intrigue of the possible reaction of the authorities to revive the protest movement. And although, according to him, the President’s comments on this subject already sounded, they «may sound again with a loud noticeable detention June 12, and given that the authorities and the President personally, this situation will comment, in General, is not so difficult.»

«Indeed, the situation with the postponement of the rally on Tverskaya looked like a provocation on the part of the protesting forces. And in this case the Kremlin has, and it can be expected that the Kremlin wants the public to show» — said Remizov.

In Moscow, on June 12 held a protest rally on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova, where, according to the Moscow interior Ministry, was attended by about 1,800 people, although the organizers, the Fund of struggle against corruption, applied for 15 thousand.

Experts called the main intrigue of the direct line with Putin© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka told that is proud of the daughters and discusses with satyamitra Alexei Navalny urged people to change their place of coordinated action on Tverskaya street, where the festival took place, a political rally had been agreed upon. The mayor’s office said these appeals provocation, the Prosecutor’s office reminded of the responsibility for such actions. However, according to the interior Ministry, inconsistent public action on Tverskaya was attended by about 4.5 thousand people and more than 150 participants were detained by the police.

Shutov believes that the current activity of the opposition «peripheral in relation to the main ways of development of our country.» «We have, unfortunately, media hype and the significance of such shares, they are everywhere: they are in America, and in China, they are everywhere. But for some reason, no such attention of the media, as we have. It’s probably a phenomenon that should be studied», — concluded the expert.