«Export of democracy»: the Federation Council has proposed measures for the fight against Western intervention

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in photobacteria of the Federation Council. Archival photo«Export of democracy»: the Federation Council has proposed measures for the fight against Western intervention© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

The West is increasingly trying to interfere in the internal politics of Russia, acting at the level of political, economic and media resources through social networks trying to influence the mood of the Russians, stated in the recommendations adopted Wednesday by the Federation Council in the past at the house hearings on the need to prevent interference in the Affairs of the Russian Federation.

According to the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev, the Western countries — the US and its NATO allies — will also try to influence the presidential election campaign in Russia. Earlier, the Senator noted that attempts to influence the political life of Russia «are systematic in a number of States and aktiviziruyutsya for each election cycle.»

Kosachev is confident that in the time that remains before the presidential elections in Russia in March next year, Russia will «be faced with a very active and consistent attempts of the US and its allies to influence the course of this election campaign».

In the opinion of the Federation Council, the West increasingly intervenes in the Affairs of other countries under the pretext of «exporting democracy» and promotion of democratic values, provoking inner conflicts.

In addition, according to the Senator, the West created and continues to improve legislative, financial and promotional infrastructure, «aims at the implementation attempts of direct pressure on the leadership of the Russian Federation, internal political destabilization, support for the opposition, the opposition to the foreign policy of Russia, including in the information field».

The Russian media are subject to influence of the Western structures, the impact on the public consciousness is through the social network, noted in the Scenarios.

«A number of Western countries, individually or through international associations (EU, NATO) strengthen the financing of the activities of organizations aimed at conducting propaganda in Russia and in the countries with Russian and the Russian-speaking population», — emphasized in the Scenarios.

Work is underway on the creation of special units within armed forces, security services and other state agencies, increasing the number of centres for the production of content anti-Russian, at the legislative level fixed strategy to counter the Russian information policy and interference in the internal Affairs of Russia.

So, if in 2012 the foreign financial assistance received 458 Russian nonprofit organizations (NPOs) with the total amount of financing more than 4 billion rubles, in 2013 the number of such NGOs has reached 2705, and the funding of 37 billion. In 2014 already 4108 NGOs received foreign funding in the amount of 70 billion rubles. By 2015, the NGO socio-political orientation received only from the United States about 80 billion rubles, the document says.

Recommendations to agencies

In this regard, the government of the Russian Federation recommended to carry out analysis of legislation and law enforcement practice in combating anti-Russian activities, and comparative analysis of legislation of foreign countries in the most vulnerable areas (elections, political parties, NGOs, business, media, social networks) on the adequacy and feasibility of amending the legislation of the Russian Federation in the area of strengthening of work on prevention of foreign interference in the Affairs of Russia.

Also the Cabinet is invited to consider the advisability of introducing the institution of checks of the legislative acts on ensuring the principle of non-interference in the internal Affairs of Russia — «sovereign review».

The Russian foreign Ministry in cooperation with specialized agencies and the media engaged in international broadcasting, it is recommended to strengthen the consistent upholding of the principle of non-interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States at all international levels, to consolidate and develop this principle in the resolutions of international organizations, primarily in the integration structures with Russian participation.

It is proposed to consider the feasibility of developing and adopting international legal instruments codifying and enshrining the principle of noninterference, given the current trends in international relations, «hybrid» war, soft power, the «extraterritoriality» of national legislation.

It is recommended that the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, the Federal service for financial monitoring, the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation to consider the advisability of amending the legislation of the Russian Federation in the part establishing the feasibility of programmes and funding NGOs only through the established Russian branches of foreign organizations. In addition, departments are encouraged to examine the possibility of expanding the basis on which to recognize the organization undesirable to include in the list of grounds harm to economic and foreign policy interests of Russia.