Found in the woods in the Urals, the boy was taken to hospital in Yekaterinburg

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in fotobabbles. Archival photoFound in the woods in the Urals, the boy was taken to hospital in Yekaterinburg© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

A four year old boy, lost on 10 June in the woods near Reftinskiy reservoir and was found on Wednesday, June 14, will be taken to the hospital in Yekaterinburg, reports Sverdlovsk Ministry of health.

Earlier, the Ministry of health of the region reported that the child sent an ambulance, which was to bring the boy in asbestovskiy the hospital. Later came the information that the child is evacuated from the search area, it is given the necessary assistance for evacuation will send the helicopter.

«The child will be transported by helicopter of emergency medicine in the regional children’s clinical hospital №1», — stated in the message.

The head of the press service of the regional interior Ministry Valery Gorelykh added that now the boy is in the hospital Asbestos. The helicopter behind him is already arrived in this city.

«Dima exhausted body, was the dehydration and hypothermia. There is a suspicion of pneumonia. On the body of the baby multiple tick bites. Ticks removed sent to a study on the subject of Contracting encephalitis. The threat of a child’s life, according to experts,» — said Gorelykh.

The child went missing on the morning of Saturday, June 10, on the Bank of the Reftinsky water reservoir. Together with his parents he came to the shore, and then went with his father to collect firewood. Along the way, he wanted to return to his mother, and the man let him go. The quest attracted up to 500 people. On Wednesday, the child was found in the woods alive, but in serious condition.