In Kaliningrad in the office toilet found a reticulated Python

© Fotolia / mohanaantonmerylПитон. Archival photoIn Kaliningrad in the office toilet found a reticulated Python© Fotolia / mohanaantonmeryl

Reticulated Python that may have escaped from a home terrarium, found in one of the offices in the centre of Kaliningrad, he was temporarily taken to the zoo, according to the institution.

It is noted that in the zoo on June 11 asked the employees of the organization whose office is located in the city centre on the ground floor of a residential building. «Came to work that morning, they found the toilet reticulated Python. Arrived at the herpetologists caught the animal and sent it to the zoo. Judging by the length of the Python for about two years. Apparently, he ran away, someone from the home cage and on the ventilation duct snuck to the first floor», — stated in the message of the zoo.

Now the Python is contained in the quarantine area, he provided all necessary conditions, including a temperature of about 25 degrees. Currently, the zoo is looking for owners reticulated Python, noting that his collection has animals of this species.

Kaliningrad zoo is located on the territory of the former Koenigsberg zoo (pre-war name of Kaliningrad), founded by German entrepreneur Herman Claesson. It opened in 1896 it had a collection of 900 animals of 260 species. After the Second world war, the zoo was opened for visitors only in 1947. Now in the collection of nearly two thousand specimens of 300 species, half of which are listed in the international Red book.