In the Scenarios described the tasks of the Commission on the fight against foreign interference

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotobanka meeting of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation. Archival photoIn the Scenarios described the tasks of the Commission on the fight against foreign interference© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

The members of the Federation Council adopted the decision on creation of temporary Commission for the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs.

It is expected that the Commission will report annually on the results of its work and to report the facts of interference in the Affairs of Russia. The first interim report can be presented in the fall.

The new structure headed by Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Andrey Klimov. From the international Committee to the Commission includes senators Oleg Morozov and Olga Timofeeva, from the Committee on state building and constitutional legislation Alexey Aleksandrov and Lyudmila Bokova, from the Committee on defense and security Alexey Kondratyev, from the Committee on rules — Vladimir Poletaev, from the Committee on Federal structure and regional policy Igor Chernyshenko.

The duties of the Commission will include the collection, analysis and synthesis of information on the status of legislation and law enforcement practice in the sphere of prevention of interference in the internal Affairs of Russia.

In addition, the senators will discuss the feasibility of establishing a national interagency center for monitoring and combating external threats to Russia and exposing the existing methods of intervention in the Affairs of sovereign States.

The Commission will also prepare proposals to improve legislation to monitor and prevent the activities of foreign States, interstate associations and international organizations aimed at interference in the Affairs of Russia.

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko stressed that it is seen as a growing attempt to interfere in the Affairs of Russia.

«The goal of any intervention is to undermine the situation, to ensure the change of unwanted regimes,» the Senator said.

She noted that the government can and should be changed, but only within the framework of democratic institutions.

«In Russia all the conditions for a democratic choice of government,» — said the MP.

According to Matvienko, those who want to go the power to vote, can form political parties and to gather like-minded people.

«But the external attempts to undermine the situation — do not allow any one state,» she said.

The speaker added that any state should be able to defend themselves. She recalled the situation in Ukraine, where the US state Department has sent five billion dollars «to the development of democracy.»

«As a result, the country is a democratic regime change was a coup d’etat,» — said the politician.

The speaker assured that any possible changes in the activities of NGOs, civil society will not be discussed «behind closed doors».

She also drew attention to the need to monitor activities of non-profit organizations not only at the Federal but also at regional levels.