Media: the United States will strengthen control over Chinese investments in the technology sector

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova photobacteria in the USA. Archival photoMedia: the United States will strengthen control over Chinese investments in the technology sector© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

USA are set up to tighten control over Chinese investments in Silicon valley to better protect particularly important for the country technology, reports Reuters, citing current and former American officials.

According to the Agency, of particular concern is China’s interest in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These areas in recent years increasingly attracted Chinese capital. According to the Agency, the concern is that these advanced technologies, developed in the United States, can be used by China to strengthen its military capabilities and possibly their promotion in strategic sectors.

The US government currently intends to strengthen the role of the Committee on foreign investment U.S. (CFIUS). In an unpublished Pentagon report, caught in the disposal of the Agency, warned that China bypasses the US control and gains access to critical technologies through transactions that currently do not serve the reason for the test CFIUS.

«We consider CFIUS to look at the long-term health and safety of the US economy, given the predatory practices of China,» said one unnamed administration officials trump, speaking about «predatory practices» of China in the field of technology.

According to the Agency, during the administration of former President Barack Obama CFIUS prevented China’s attempts to acquire manufacturers of high-end chips.

According to assistant official Senator John Cornin, he is now developing legislation that will give CFIUS more powers to block investments in technology. The new legislation would require CFIUS to strengthen control over buyers from countries that are considered potentially dangerous to national security. The list of countries will adopt CFIUS, who will create was not specified.

«Artificial intelligence is one of the many advanced technologies that China seeks and has possible military applications,» said assistant Horsemeat, who wished to remain unnamed. According to him, these technologies are so new, that the American export control system has not yet determined how to reach them.