Putin: Russia does not oppress persons based on sexual orientation

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Representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation openly declare this in Russia, many of them achieve outstanding results in their professions and have state awards, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

«I want to tell you that we have no restrictions and harassment… and More than that, many people openly declare their sexual orientation. We are with them relationship. Many of them achieve outstanding results in their activities. They even receive state awards, medals for his successes. There are no restrictions,» said Putin in an interview with U.S. Director Oliver stone for the film, shown on Showtime.

Meanwhile, Putin recalled that Russia has a law banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors.

«There is a law prohibiting propaganda of homosexuality among minors. And, you know, the logic of this law is to give the children to grow up safely, without affecting their consciousness. And when he grows up, he can make any decision how to build your life, including personal and sexual. And from that moment he becomes an adult, of legal age and of legal age according to our law comes from 18 years of age, no restrictions at all. Restrictions and so is not» — said Putin.

The Russian leader drew attention to the fact that in Russia the situation on this issue is different from countries where Islam dominates.

«We have no such situation as in some, say, Muslim countries where the death penalty to homosexuals. In principle, we have a fairly liberal society. No ban, no», — said the Russian leader.

Putin also said that, in his opinion, he as the head of the state considers it a duty to support traditional family values.

«I as head of state today consider it their duty to uphold traditional values, family. Why? Because same-sex marriages do not produce children, and we need to take care of fertility in the country. No one says that you need someone to chase,» said the President of the Russian Federation.